FAQ D-Bank

Feature and Service

A: D-Bank is a service of information and banking transaction provided by Danamon for its customer available 24/7, and you can access them directly through smartphone with internet connection using the menu that’s available on D-Bank app in accordance to the valid terms and condition.
A: These are the type of D-Bank transaction services:
- Balance information and account mutation
- Funds Transfer
- Banking product information including product simulation
- Purchase: phone credit, flight tickets (Garuda/Lion Air), Cable TV voucher (Orange TV), Internet data package (BOLT/XL).
- Payment: Danamon credit card and other bank, Monthly bills like Telkom and postpaid phone, paid TV bills (Okevision/TOP TV/ Indovision/ Transvision/ Topas TV/ Nex Media), loan (Adira finance/Credit), and virtual account payment.
- Cash transaction without debit card (D-Cash), SosMed D-Cash, and Ponsel D-Cash.
- Online account opening: Danamon LEBIH, Tabunganmu, and FlexiMAX, D-Save & D-Save plus, online deposits, click here
A: Terms to obtained D-Bank services are:
- Danamon customer who already has saving or current account.
- Danamon customer who has Danamon’s credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
- Own a smartphone with IOS or Android operating system with certain version while downloading D-Bank app.
- As a customer of the following provider: Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo, XL Axiata,3
- Use an internet data service
- Own an active personal email address
A:Download the D-Bank app through

1. PlayStore (For android user)

2. AppStore (iPhone/iPad)

Service Activation

A: There’s 2 ways to activate D-Bank services:
1. For customer who made an account opening through D-Bank Registration, automatically will obtain D-Bank services and can immediately log in using their email address and password.
2. For those who already has an active user ID or email and password – Danamon online banking user; can activate their account by following these steps:
• Select activation
• Select Danamon Online banking
• Select agree for every regulated terms
• Input your user ID and Password for Danamon Online Banking on the provided column – select continue.
• Customer will receive an activation code on their registered phone number.
• Input the actvation code received by SMS on the provided collumen – select continue.
• Input the 6 digits m-PIN that you desire
• Finish – your account is active!
Google Play (for android / tablet users)
3. For those who haven’t own User ID/Email and password for Danamon Online Banking , they are able to activate it by following these steps below:
• Select activation
• Select Debit card/ATM card
• Select agree to every regulated terms
• Input these datas: ATM card number, ATM PIN, Phone number, email address – select continue (Notes: the inputted phone number has to be the same as the one that registered in the bank system.)
• Input the desired user ID (8-20 char).
• Input the desired Password (Min & Maks 8 Char) - select continue.
• Customer will receive the activation code through SMS on the registered phone number.
• Input the 6 digits m-PIN
• Input the m-PIN one more time
• Done and immediately active.
A: Activation can be done by using debit/ATM card. Here’s how it works:
• Select activation
• Select debit/ATM card
• Select agree to every regulated terms.
• Input the following data: ATM card number, ATM PIN, Phone number, email address – select continue (Notes: the inputted phone number has to be the same as the one that registered on the bank system).
• Input user ID/email
• Input password that you desired (8 characters consists of numbers and letters) – select continue.
• Customer will receive activation code by SMS to their phone number that registered on the Danamon bank system.
• Input activation code received by SMS on the provided column – select continue
• Input 6 digits mPIN that you desired
• Input the mPIN once again
• Activation process has finished and customer can immediately use D-Bank app.
A: As of this moment, D-Bank activation by way of “Debit card user” hasn’t been yet automatically registered as Danamon Online Banking user. Customer is able to process Danamon Online Banking registration through ATM/Web. Online: https://www.danamonline.com
A: If customer already has Danamon Online Banking user ID, then customer can process an activation through Danamon Online Banking.
A: D-Bank user ID will also be blocked in 7 minutes. To be able to use D-Bank service back, customer has to do a re-registration based on D-Bank valid terms.
A: Yes, the change of registered phone number on D-Bank automatically because right now the synchronization process only able to do it one way which from Danamon Online Banking to D-Bank.

User ID/ E-Mail Password

A: Yes, D-Bank User ID/Email and password has to be the same as the one registered in Danamon Online Banking
A:Hereby are the steps that has to be done:
• Make a registration of internet banking first at the ATM. Afterward, customer will obtain a temporary user ID and password sent by SMS. Customer can make a change of their temporary user ID and password to permanent by log in to Danamon Online Banking. After that, activate D-Bank by log in through Danamon Online Banking user menu after 7 minutes since the changes done, OR
• Customer can re-new the data first at Danamon’s branch for the phone number then activate D-Bank by using debit card user lane, OR
• If customer has TPIN, then they could make a phone number change through Hello Danamon Agent and after the phone number has updated (can’t be done at the sam day, following Hello Danamon’s service level) Customer is able to activate D-Bank through debit card user.


Log In & Transaction

A: Yes, you can still make a certain transaction like balance check and mutation but for the sake of account security, then customer is suggested to block the D-Bank service.
A: D-Bank service will not be automatically linked to the new ATM card, but customer is able to propose that linkage while changing the ATM card at Danamon’s branch office.
A : Log in can’t be done immediately after every device changes. Customer has to re-activate the app first.
A : Transaction by D-Bank can’t use an account with dormant status.
A : Transaction with Danamon Online Banking still can be done because the blocking is only applied for D-Bank services.


Password/Forgot Password – Notification Email

A : 1. if the activation was done through Danamon Online Banking and D-Bank Registration, Password change periodically is an important thing to make to keep the account secure. You can change the password through Danamon Online Banking by following the steps below:
a) Log In Danamon Online Banking
b) Select the service
c) Select change password
d) Input current password
e) Input new password
f) Input new password one more time to confirm and then continue
g) Input OTP (One Time Password) and continue
h) Password change transaction has finished

2. If activation was done through Debit/ATM or credit card and the registered phone number is the same as the one that used to make a transaction, then you only need to submit password reset. If different, then you can visit the nearest Danamon’s branch to update the data.
A: Yes. There will be an email notification sent to the registered email address.
A: D-Bank service can’t be used if customer terminate their Danamon Online Banking service at the branch office.
A: If the customer holds a mobile device that has a fingerprint scan feature (all types of mobile phones) or Face ID (for mobile phones with certain IOS operating systems), then the customer can use the fingerprint / Face ID registered on the mobile device to log into the application. This is an additional way for logins other than using User ID / Email and Password.
  • Ensure that the customer's mobile device supports fingerprint scans (all types of mobile phones) or Face ID (for mobile phones with the IOS operating system), and has registered fingerprints or Face ID in the settings menu as well as the default features of the mobile device.
  • Manually login in the D-Bank application.
  • If the login is successful, then a pop-up information will appear to activate the login using a fingerprint or Face ID.
  • Follow the verification guide on the mobile screen.
  • If the verification is successful then every time a D-Bank application is opened, the customer simply has to do a fingerprint scan or Face ID without the need to manually login using User ID / Email and Password.

The login function in the D-Bank application using a fingerprint / Face ID aims to make it easier and safe for customers who do not want to log in manually. For login security using fingerprints, Bank Danamon encourages the customer to note the following suggestions:

  • Limit the addition of the number of fingerprints / Face ID on mobile devices.
  • Not registering fingerprints/Face ID other than the account owner's.
  • Does not provide mobile devices or fingerprint scan / Face ID access to other people including Bank officers or family members/closest people.
A: If there is a new fingerprint / Face ID, the customer is recommended to check whether the new fingerprint / Face ID is added by the customer as the owner, or added by another person. Customers must manually login to re-activate the login feature using fingerprint / Face ID. This is necessary so that data, activity logins, and transactions remain safe as well as to prevent he risk of abuse
A: If the customer has activated the login feature using fingerprint / Face ID then wants to deactivate, or has not activated, but does not want to receive fingerprint activation pop-up information every time a manual login is successfully performed, the customer can turn off the login option in the Settings menu.


A: D-Bank service can’t be used if customer terminate Danamon Online Banking service at the branch.
A: The app will suggest you to download or it’ll be updated automatically.
A: This FAQ is an inseparable part of D-Bank general terms & conditions. For further information and more complete explanation about D-Bank, customer can refer to : Product Information 
Terms &conditions that can be access on the following link: Terms & Conditions
And service’s costs information can be access on the following link: Costs of Service