Danamon’s Commitment along with Adira Finance and Supported by MUFG in IIMS Surabaya 2024 to Meet the Automotive Needs of East Java Residents

Surabaya, 22 May 2024 - PT Bank Danamon Tbk (Danamon) and PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk (Adira Finance), supported by MUFG Bank, Ltd. (MUFG), have renewed its commitment to the development of the national automotive industry through participation in the 2024 IIMS Surabaya, which is set to be held at Grand City Surabaya from 29 May to 2 June 2024.

Danamon, along with Adira Finance and is supported by MUFG, once again greets automotive enthusiasts in Surabaya and East Java by becoming Official Bank Partner, Official Multifinance Partner and Official Trade-in Partner (via momobil.id and momotor.id) at the 2024 IIMS Surabaya. The presence of this financial group in one of the biggest automotive events in Indonesia is expected to provide a series of the best financial products and solutions needed by loyal customers and the wider community, especially in the motor vehicle ownership financing sector.

“Danamon is proud to support the 2024 IIMS Surabaya for the third time. We are aware that Surabaya in particular and East Java in general harbor enormous potentials for the growth of the automotive industry and we hope to continue to contribute to the development of this ecosystem with our participation. By continuing to receive support from MUFG and Adira Finance, as well as the entire financial group ecosystem, Danamon will continue to develop and we hope our presence can provide comprehensive financial solutions in all segments and financial supply chains of the automotive industry ecosystem," said Irene Sri Redjeki, Regional Corporate Officer of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

Danamon is aware that the national automotive industry has faced a host of challenges in the last few years, but slowly but surely, it is starting to report a significant growth thanks to the increasing interest and interest of people in Indonesia towards electric motorized vehicles. To that end, it is important for all stakeholders in the national automotive industry to maintain and boost this good momentum through various appropriate strategies so the trend of increasing automotive sales figures in Indonesia can continue.

Sale of new vehicle in the national automotive sector reported a decline in the first quarter of this year in line with weakening consumer purchasing power and interest rate sentiment which tends to be high. However, at the same time, national sales of electric vehicles have increased very significantly, even by hundreds of percent. As one of the leading banks in Indonesia and part of a strong financial group that continues to grow, Danamon takes this momentum as the right opportunity to be actively involved in the development of the automotive industry in Indonesia. Through the best financial products offered by Danamon, it is hoped that the wider community, especially automotive enthusiasts, can realize their dream of owning their dream vehicle.

Danamon's presence in Surabaya and East Java has always become special moment, including Danamon's participation in the 2024 IIMS Surabaya, which is the third time it has participated in this event. Over the years, Surabaya and East Java have always been one of the main areas for the development of the national automotive industry ecosystem and Danamon's business growth. With the aim of providing the best banking and financial services for loyal customers, Danamon has a total of 39 branch offices with more than 256 thousands customers in total in East Java, of which more than 43% are in the city of Surabaya.

Through the 2024 IIMS Surabaya, Danamon, along with Adira Finance and is supported by MUFG, is once again presenting a superior automotive financing product called KPM Prima as proof of the commitment to always providing leading services and products for financing cars and motorcycles to the people of Surabaya and East Java.

As an automotive financing product with various superior features since its launch in 2022, KPM Prima has been proven capable of maintaining a convincing increase in automotive financing in both Surabaya and East Java. As of April 2024, for example, there was an increase in the percentage of KPM Prima financing in East Java by more than 24% with nominal financing of around Rp17.5 billion. Meanwhile, throughout 2023, Danamon, along with Adira Finance, posted a growth in automotive and multipurpose financing of more than 60% YoY in East Java. This is proof of the high enthusiasm of automotive enthusiasts in Surabaya and East Java in using KPM Prima as a complement to their needs in purchasing motorized vehicles.

To respond to the high enthusiasm, Danamon, Adira Finance, and MUFG are committed to providing various attractive offers and programs during the 2024 IIMS Surabaya, including special KPM Prima interest with Adira Finance and the opportunity to save up to 100% on IIMS entrance tickets and tickets Infinite Live, shopping for vehicle accessories, and also on purchase of food and drinks. Details regarding programs and promos and how to get them are as follows:

  • Special interest rate of KPM Prima.
  • Promo for purchasing IIMS entrance tickets, payment using QRIS D-Bank PRO will get 100% cashback up to Rp10 thousand and customers who buy bundling tickets with Infinite Live have the opportunity to get cashback up to Rp25 thousand. Debit Card and Credit Card users who purchase tickets at counters marked specifically for Danamon will immediately receive a discount of Rp50 thousand.
  • Cashback up to Rp25 thousand for food purchases in the 2024 IIMS Surabaya 2024 venue.
  • GrabFood voucher up to Rp500 thousand for retail transactions made at the 2024 IIMS Surabaya 
  • Traveloka e-voucher up to Rp2 million for customers who register for a JCB Precious card and make transactions with a minimum accumulation of Rp25 million.
  • GrabFood Voucher Rp25,000 for JCB Precious credit card applications

Further information on Danamon programs and promos can be accessed at bdi.co.id/iimssby.

Apart from the special interest, at IIMS Surabaya Adira Finance also presents quality financing solutions with unlimited bonuses for automotive financing for both cars and motorbikes such as special interest, on-site approval facilities, cashback, trade-in and the opportunity to win the UMRAH Untuk Sahabat program and the HARCILNAS program (the day the installments are paid off).

For consumers who are interested in trading in their vehicles, they can experience the ease of the trade-in process provided by momobil.id and momotor.id with on-site inspection facilities to enjoy a direct price offer and various benefits such as cashback.

UMRAH Untuk Sabat is a program with prize in the form of free Umrah pilgrimage for lucky consumers who apply for financing directly or through walk-in at IIMS Surabaya. With this program, consumers stand a chance to make their Umrah dream come true for free, offered by Adira Finance.

Active consumers of Adira Finance, they have the opportunity to enjoy other benefits through the HARCILNAS, which is a program with prizes by exchanging Adirapoins for coupons in the Adiraku app. There are 34 grand prizes in the form of repayment of all installments, 340 consolation prizes in the form of repayment of 1x installment and additional prizes in the form of Adirapoin cashback of 5% of the installment payment value (maximum 50,000 points) for 100 winners.

Apart from automotive products, Adira Finance also finances non-automotive products such as electric bicycles, Umrah, and cash loans with BPKB guarantees. To apply for a cash loan with BPKB guarantee, you can visit: adira.id/e/mpl2024.

"Our participation at the 2024 IIMS Surabaya is Adira Finance's commitment along with MUFG and Bank Danamon for Indonesia. We hope to get closer to consumers and meet their needs better. We would like to invite all people in Surabaya and its surroundings to visit the Adira Finance booth at the 2024 IIMS Surabaya on 29 May - 2 June 2024. Visitors can enjoy various attractive offers that we have prepared there," said Head of Regional SSD East Java PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance, Tbk. Agus Hartanto. 

With the spirit of growing together, Danamon, as part of the MUFG financial group, remains committed to offering various best banking and financial solutions from upstream to downstream for loyal customers, including financing needs for motor vehicle ownership. Danamon and Adira Finance continue to actively serve small and medium business owners in the after-market, spare parts, and accessories sector as well as various solutions for transaction, funding, protection and loan needs. Meanwhile, for customers and consumers, Danamon always stands ready to serve automotive enthusiasts and the wider community with the best automotive financing product called KPM Prima, including other banking and financial products and services such as QRIS D-Bank PRO, Danamon debit, credit and charge cards.




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