Danamon Syariah Travel Fair 2024: Inspirational Exhibition to Fulfill Special Hajj and Umrah Needs for Muslims

Jakarta, 5 April 2024 - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon), through its Sharia Business Unit (Danamon Syariah), successfully held Danamon Syariah Travel Fair (DSTF) 2024 in March 21 to 24, 2024, at Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta. DSTF 2024 featured various inspiring, informative activities supporting Muslims in fulfilling their spiritual needs, especially in performing Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages.

During the 4 days DSTF 2024 event, Danamon Syariah presented series of main event with a festive opening ceremony on March 21, 2024. This event followed by a series of in-depth talk shows on topics like “Building Productive Waqf”, “The Virtues of Hajj for Muslims”, and “Upgrading Yourself Through Halal Lifestyle”. Danamon Syariah presented several speakers who are experts in their fields, such as Herry Hykmanto as Director of Sharia & Sustainability Finance Danamon, Ustaz Erick Jusuf, Ustaz Zacky Mirza, Nur S Buchori as Member of the Supervision Division of the Indonesian Waqf Board 2021 – 2024, Bobby Manullang as Chair of the Productive Waqf Forum, Syam Resfiadi as General Chair of the Sapuhi Association, Alfa Edison as Deputy General Chair of the Sapuhi Association, Aman Suparman as Main Director of PT Soka Cipta Niaga and Lulu Elhasbu as Wardah Brand Ambassador who shared insights about the halal lifestyle.

As part of Danamon Syariah’s commitment to enriching the spiritual lives of the community, DSTF 2024 also featured musical performances by Nabila Taqiyyah and Budi Doremi, adding to the event’s festive atmosphere. The highlight of DSTF was the Grand Prize draw on March 24, with three main prizes: 1 Umrah Package for 2 person, 1 Tour Package to Turkey for 2 person and 2 tickets for Jakarta – Jeddah which were won by Danamon Syariah customers who were in luck. 

DSTF 2024 was more than just an Umrah and Hajj travel expo; it celebrated a broad business ecosystem with the participation of 14 Special Hajj travel agencies and 19 F&B and lifestyle partners, all offering attractive promotions. The event also reflected Danamon’s global network through MUFG, reaffirming its commitment to providing holistic financial solutions for diverse customer needs.

During DSTF 2024, Danamon Syariah introduced three special products: the Hajj Planning Savings iB (TRH) and the Umrah Savings iB (TBU), and Sharia ib Planning Savings (TPS) designed for customer convenience in planning their sacred journeys using the profit-sharing or mudharabah Sharia principle. Customers can determine their monthly deposit amount and timing with the flexibility TRH and TBU offer, while also enjoying benefits like free Sharia insurance coverage.

Some of the benefits offered by these two products include, TRH makes it easy to adjust monthly deposits, while TBU offers monthly deposit options ranging from IDR 300,000 to IDR 5,000,000, with a savings period from 6 to 72 months. In addition, customers get free Sharia insurance coverage of up to IDR 200,000,000, as long as they make regular monthly deposits. 

Customers who save through TBU have the freedom to choose between using a travel service that has collaborated with Danamon Syariah or a travel agency of their own choice. Meanwhile, TRH customers will be notified when they have sufficient funds to register for Hajj. The process of opening an account for these two savings can be done easily at the nearest Danamon Syariah Branch Office or Danamon Syariah Service to make it easier for customers to realize their dream of perform in the holy land.

“Danamon Syariah provides Sharia products and services with transparent fund management and in accordance with Sharia principles and with equal partnerships to Grow Together. One form of our commitment is holding the Danamon Syariah Travel Fair 2024 some time ago. We hope that through the program we provide, customers will get solutions to their financial needs, especially for our customers who want to prepare for their Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage in the future." said Herry Hykmanto, Director of Sharia & Sustainability Finance at PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

Thus, Danamon Syariah continues to be committed to continuing to support and facilitate the spiritual needs of Muslims, creating sustainable prosperity for society. That is why DSTF 2024 is a concrete manifestation of Danamon Syariah's dedication in helping the Indonesian Muslim community fulfill their religious aspirations. Further information about Danamon Syariah products and services can be access at bdi.co.id/prtabsyariah



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