IIMS 2024: Danamon Calls on Customers to Live Life to the Fullest, Achieve Financial Prosperity

Jakarta, 23 February 2024 - During the 2024 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Danamon”), along with Fimela, Otoasia.com, and KIS FM, gave education to customers on how to live life to the fullest by pursuing hobbies and achieving financial well-being. The initiative was part of the Studio Financial talk show series held on the 2nd floor of the outdoor booth of MUFG, Danamon and Adira Finance.

The third talk show in this series, which was held on 20 February 2024 with the theme "Bukan Cuma Soal Ngaspal yang Perlu Optimal (It’s more than just your automotive hobby that needs to be optimized)", featured prominent speakers including Chef Norman Ismail, influencer in the culinary and automotive fields; Bryan Octavianus, Proposition Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk; and Edwin Kartawinata, Head of Digital Business PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance, Tbk. The talk show, moderated by Mega Latu, discussed how hobbies can be turned into sources of income and how to manage finances to ensure an optimal balance between needs and hobbies.

"In response to customer needs, Danamon, along with Adira Finance and with the support from MUFG, at IIMS 2024 reaffirmed their commitment to growing as the financial group of choice for customers and the Indonesian people. We in Danamon’s consumer banking segment also continue to innovate to provide products that are relevant and in line with the developing needs of our customers," said Ivan Jaya, Consumer Funding & Wealth Business Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. 

The speakers also shared their personal journeys and insights on how having a hobby not only brings joy but can also contribute to financial stability and growth. Chef Norman, known for his culinary expertise and passion for automotive, shared his experience in balancing his hobbies with financial planning, showing that it is possible to live life to the fullest while pursuing a variety of interests.

"We can gain many benefits when we pursue a hobby in the automotive sector, starting from making lots of friends and acquaintances and lots of networks. Even once we explore this hobby even more, it can be a great investment for us," Norman said.

In facing financial challenges, especially in the automotive sector, Danamon offers exclusive benefits at the 2024 IIMS, from low interest promos, new or used vehicle financing with KPM Prima, a chance to win a car in the grand prize, and Danamon Optimal services that provide a banking experience that helps customers in realizing their financial goals.

On February 23, 2024, Danamon and Adira Finance with the support from MUFG, held their fourth talk show with the theme "Moms Driver:  Emang Iya Sembarangan? (Are they that careless?)" which featured Yanthi Rachmaningtyas as parenting & automotive content creator; Tommy Halim as Consumer Business Collaboration Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk; and Aldo Turangan from KIS FM. This talk show discussed the stigma that women often face, especially mothers who are often seen as fierce drivers on the road. Tyas, however, disputed this. According to her, women are considered fierce on the road because they are in a condition where they must be agile and fast because there are so many agendas to be done in a day.

“This is a fact - from dawn till dusk, there is a lot to be done to take care of our family. We mothers must be able to multitask. Everything must be versatile in taking care of the family and managing finances. As the term on social media suggests, mothers are often seen as the family's “Minister of Finance”. Because they are so clever at managing finances, mothers know the best options for shopping for goods that are still of good quality but can be obtained at cheap prices," said Yanthi Rachmaningtyas, known as Tyas.

Understanding this need, at IIMS 2024 Danamon offers integrated financial products and services for end-to-end financial planning through Danamon Optimal, which is designed as a one stop financial solution provider. Danamon Optimal is presented to meet customers' needs in preparing for every important stage of their life, starting from financial advisory services to financial planning needs such as Mortgage, Personal Loan, Education Investment, and KPM Prima.

Along with Adira Finance, Danamon has prepared a series of programs such as competitive Prime KPM (Car Ownership Credit) interest starting from 1.99% per year, free provision fees, 50% discount on administration fees, and free tire insurance for up to 12 months from Zurich Asuransi Indonesia. For customers who join as Danamon Optimal customers, they can enjoy an additional promo in the form of an installment cashback bonus of Rp500,000 thousand for the first five months. On top of that, customers will also get a Danamon Optimal Debit Card. By purchasing petrol at gas stations with the card, customers can get cashback of up to Rp250,000 per month. Customers also stand a chance to get a free ticket for Umrah pilgrimage and a bigger chance to win the grand prize of 1-unit BYD Atto 3 car.

With various supports offered, Danamon hopes to be present at every stage of its customers' lives, helping them take control of their financial needs and goals, as well as achieving balance between work, family, and hobbies.




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