Danamon Brings Back "Danamon Hadiah Beruntun"  with a Better Chance of Winning!

Jakarta, November 2, 2023 – PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Danamon") is launching the "Danamon Hadiah Beruntun" (DHB) again. This time, it's more open to everyone, and there are more chances to win, which fits with the theme of the event, which is "The Greater Opportunity to #SemuaBisaMenang (#EveryoneCanWin) and #MenangBerkali-kali (#WinMultipleTimes)."

The second edition of the DHB program is a continuation of the previous period, providing solid evidence that the implementation of DHB in the previous period successfully generated public enthusiasm for the prize draw program within the banking sector.

In addition to the positive participation rate, the previous DHB program has also successfully grown Danamon's consumer banking business throughout the April—September 2023 period. This is in line with Danamon's long-term growth strategy, which focuses on organic and sustainable growth of the consumer banking customer base.

The success of the DHB Program has also driven Danamon's financial performance during Q3-2023. Danamon recorded a consolidated Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) of IDR2.6 trillion for the 9 months of this year. Net Interest Margin (NIM) also grew by 26 basis points (bps) Year-on-Year (YoY), with Operating Income increasing by 7% YoY to IDR13.3 trillion.

Until the third quarter of 2023, Danamon remains consistent in focusing on developing granular funding through an institutional approach strategy and increasing digital partnerships, resulting in Danamon's Third-Party Funds (DPK) reaching IDR130.3 trillion, a 9.4% YoY growth compared to the same period last year.

With the positive contribution of DHB to the financial performance and business development, Danamon collaborated with Kantar research institution to conduct a survey with 800 respondents during September to October 2023 to evaluate the program and campaign of DHB. The research results showed that respondents have a high preference for winning tangible rewards or rewards that can be used directly, such as motor vehicles (63%) and cashback (52%).

"Through the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun (DHB) program this time, Danamon wants to invite the public and its customers to save and transact comfortably both through the latest features of D-Bank PRO mobile banking and at Danamon branches that carry the Next-Generation Branch Concept. It is hoped that this will realize our aspiration to become the transactional bank of choice and strengthen the overall liquidity of the bank so that Danamon can continue to grow with customers and reaffirm its position as the customers' preferred bank," said Ivan Jaya, Consumer Funding & Wealth Business Head, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

That is why, as a customer-centric organization, Danamon is committed to listening to and appreciating the opinions of customers and the public who have prize preferences by making several changes to the prize scheme and point collection. The terms and conditions of this DHB are also adjusted to accommodate these needs, namely "Increasing Opportunities for #EveryoneCanWin and #WinMultipleTimes".

The new prize scheme allows more people to become winners, namely monthly prizes without drawing in the form of IDR50,000 cashback. Multiples apply in the form of cashback up to IDR15 million. Furthermore, there are 3 monthly prizes drawn every 3 months in 12 regions with a total prize of 72 units of Innova Zenix Hybrid, 120 units of Yamaha Nmax, and IDR840 million cashback. There is also a grand prize drawn nationwide at the end of the program period in the form of one unit of Tesla Model 3, two units of Honda CR-V Hybrid, and a total cashback of IDR300 million.

In addition, DHB becomes more inclusive by expanding the range of customer segments to include the mass market with easier terms and conditions of participation and point collection schemes, namely by maintaining a minimum average savings balance per 3 months of IDR5 million to get 5 lottery numbers (multiples apply). Furthermore, customers can earn 5 points/transactions for D-Bank PRO activation, open an Online Deposit in D-Bank PRO, make foreign exchange transactions in D-Bank PRO with a minimum equivalent of IDR1.5 million, make other financial transactions in D-Bank PRO (top-up, purchase, payment), and make transactions with Debit Cards (offline & online).

With an easier point collection scheme, Danamon hopes to realize its aspiration to become the transactional bank of choice for customers. The DHB program is also expected to further develop Danamon's business, diversify its sources of DPK and strengthen the overall liquidity of the bank so that Danamon can continue to grow with customers. For more information about the terms and conditions of DHB, please visit https://bdi.co.id/dhbc.





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