Danamon Syariah Strengthens Its Participation in  Annual Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival 2023

Jakarta, 28 October 2023 – Sharia Business Unit of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Danamon Syariah"), is proud for once again participate in the prestigious event, Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) 2023. This year, ISEF once again presents at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on 25-29 October 2023. As a sharia financial institution that is committed to the principles of Islamic finance, Danamon Syariah sees this annual event as a very important platform to strengthen the role and participation in developing the sharia economic sector in Indonesia, and Danamon Syariah is proud to be able to contribute in supporting the growth of the sharia economy in Indonesia.

ISEF 2023, was officially opened on 26 October 2023 by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia – K.H. Ma'ruf Amin, who delivered directions regarding future of national sharia economic and financial policies. ISEF is the largest annual sharia financial and economic event in Indonesia which was initiated and implemented by Bank Indonesia (BI). This year's ISEF carries the theme "Accelerating Sharia Economy and Finance Through Digitalization for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth". ISEF first decade of implementation is a momentum to show Indonesia's optimism in the global sharia economy and finance amidst the acceleration of economic recovery and is also the right opportunity for Danamon Syariah to interact directly with the community, Bank Indonesia and experts in the sharia economic sector. Danamon Syariah presents sharia banking products and services and education which aims to increase public understanding of sharia banking products and services.

This ISEF activity can be a momentum for Sharia banking to continue to encourage the growth of sharia financial and economic literacy and inclusion in Indonesia, which still has enormous potential considering that the Muslim population in Indonesia reaches 87.2% of the total population.

Based on data provided by the Coordinating Ministry for the Indonesian Economy, Islamic financial assets in Indonesia occupied the seventh position on a global scale, comprising a cumulative value of $99 billion. Indonesia climbed from fifth to fourth place of Islamic finance development in the world, after Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Danamon Syariah sees that this ISEF 2023 event is having strategic meaning in integrating various activities in the sharia economic and financial sectors as a form to support the development of sharia economics and finance in Indonesia based on the vision and mission of ISEF.

At ISEF 2023, Danamon Syariah is present with the spirit to increase the literacy and inclusion regarding sharia finance to various communities such as educational communities, employee cooperative communities, and Islamic communities who present at the JCC. Danamon Syariah presents various innovative products and services in accordance with Islamic financial principles to meet community needs. Danamon Syariah provides information about these products and how the public can access them.

During ISEF 2023, participants can visit Danamon Syariah's offline booth to get information about Danamon Syariah's services and products for all customers.

By visiting the offline booth, participants can also directly apply to open a Danamon Syariah account digitally with D-Bank Registration, register for a Rekening Tabungan Jemaah Haji (Hajj Pilgrimage Savings Account), and distributing zakat waqf infaq via the Social Banking application.

Director of Sharia and Sustainable Finance Danamon, Herry Hykmanto, hopes that the ISEF 2023 series of activities can be one of the driving factors to accelerate sharia economic and financial growth in Indonesia.

"Through Danamon Syariah's participation in the Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival 2023, we hope that we can strengthen awareness of the importance of sharia banking in supporting the acceleration of sharia economic and financial growth through the provision of services and products tailored based on customer needs and supported by digitalization to increase customer convenience in accessing all services and products,” said Harry.

There are 793 exhibitors at ISEF 2023, from Indonesia and other twenty countries. This event presents a series of 62 seminars, talk shows and other interesting events involving 22 ministries/institutions, 37 associations, 1.003 industry players and 46 international partners.





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