Understand the Importance of Holistic Health, Danamon Builds Relationships with the Cycling Community

Jakarta, 14 October 2023 - Based on the commitment of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) to become a customer-centric organization that always listens to customers in order to provide financial solutions that suit customer needs, Danamon held the Danamon Privilege Connect event with the Kelapa Gading Bikers (KGB) Racing Team & Cycling School community at the Danamon Kelapa Gading I branch office. In line with the Next Generation Branch's focus on community, this event was complemented through cycling activities with 30 community members for 35 kilometers and continued with a talk show discussing the importance of maintaining physical health, especially the heart, as one of the main investments for the future. The speakers at this talk show were Meliani Chandra Biantoro as Customer Segmentation Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, dr. Felicia Kurniawan from Prodia Health Laboratory, and Herman Handoko as Chief of KGB.

At the event, Herman said that this "gowes" activity was a routine and relaxing thing for the KGB. Formed in 1993 with members ranging in age from 14 - 78 years, this community has experienced the benefits of cycling such as increased immunity and a healthier body. According to him, maintaining health at any age is a very important life investment. Not only through physical activity, Herman also said that it is important to carry out regular health checks or medical check-ups.

This opinion is also shared by Dr. Felicia, who emphasized the importance of being aware of one's own health condition. One of the non-infectious diseases that must be continuously monitored is Ischemic Heart Disease or coronary heart disease, which is caused by blockages in the blood vessels due to fat and cholesterol, especially bad cholesterol (LDL - Low Density Lipoprotein), which if it has increased by 10% of the normal limit, can cause a heart attack. Symptoms that appear in men usually experience discomfort in the hands, back, neck, shoulders, chin, chest, and short breathing rhythm. Meanwhile, the symptoms for women are dizziness, burning in the chest, and feeling constantly tired. "To prevent coronary heart disease, do CERDIK (regular health checks, get rid of cigarette smoke, be diligent in physical activity, have a balanced diet, get enough rest, and manage stress)," she said.

Interestingly, she believes that today's young generation tends to care more about health by actively exercising and maintaining their diet compared to previous generations who tend to still adhere to old lifestyles with less awareness. In fact, it is important for each generation to have the same awareness about the importance of maintaining health, including heart health. Through regular exercise, managing stress, and regular check-ups, we can invest in holistic health, namely mind, body and soul.

Danamon’s Support in Responding to Various Customer Needs

Danamon answers customers' needs in making holistic health investments through Danamon Privilege, a service aimed at priority customers with minimum fund management of IDR 500 million.

In maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul, Danamon Privilege provides many benefits for customers. To help customers maintain physical health, Danamon Privilege customers will receive a routine free medical check-up once a year, to carry out early detection of various diseases. Apart from that, to help customers' financial health, there is also a Sahabat Privilege Club program, where customers can invite their friends to join as Danamon Privilege customers and then get IDR 2 million per new customer who successfully joins.

Customers who make transactions using a Debit Card for daily needs will also get 10% cashback every month, as well as get a Danamon Platinum Card which can be used for traveling as part of stress management. When traveling, customers will also get access to airport lounges in several countries, travel insurance if they experience travel inconvenience, and airport pick up facilities with luxury cars. Customers traveling to Japan can also get a Green JR Pass, as well as the opportunity to get a spectacular experience in the form of a private helicopter tour around Mount Fuji.

"In the future, we plan to continue to present the Danamon Privilege Connect event as a forum for sharing sessions with communities from various fields, hobbies and businesses in Jakarta and other cities throughout Indonesia. We hope that through Danamon Privilege we can realize the commitment to Protect Every Generation, Protect Every Aspiration," she said.

Holding this event with the KGB cycling community is also a manifestation of Danamon's Next Generation Branch Concept, where Danamon provides a community lounge that can be used for the community, customers, and local entrepreneurs to gain various knowledge related to financial management, health, and entrepreneurship seminars.




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