Danamon Peduli Partners with Market Communities in an Effort to Support Environmental Sustainability

Manado, 28 August 2023 - As a bank committed to sustainable business and environmental preservation, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) actively conducts various initiatives to reduce carbon emissions through the Danamon Peduli program. Involving employees as volunteers (D-Volunteers), through the 2023 Peduli Lingkungan program, Danamon Region Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua (Sulampua) held several activities in several locations. One of which is Danamon Sulampua collaborated with Manado City Market Regional Company to donate 100 red shoot trees and 50 segregated waste bins for five markets, Pinasangkulang Market, Bersehati Market, Tuminting Market, Bahu Market, and Jengki Market.

The ceremony was held at Pasar Bersehati Manado on Saturday, August 26, 2023, and attended by the Mayor of Manado, Andrei Angouw; President Director of Manado City Market Regional Company, Lucky Senduk; and Branch Manager of Danamon Manado, Sandra Christine Ester. This program is a form of appreciation for the role of markets as the backbone of the regional economy.

"Market is the center of economy in a city, and therefore a clean and comfortable market condition is very important. The cleanliness and comfort of the market are the main factors that influence consumer interest in shopping there. Markets are also becoming the focus in efforts to promote sustainable development. By keeping markets clean and comfortable, people will be more interested in shopping, which in turn will stimulate local economic growth and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. Because of this, Danamon believes that partnerships with market communities are important to build the sustainability aspect of markets through these Peduli Lingkunagn activities," said Chiau Winarto, Regional Corporate Officer of Bank Danamon Sulampua.

The donation of 100 red shoot trees has its own symbolism for Danamon. The red shoot tree, also known as Syzygium myrtifolium, is one of the trees that has rich symbolism in Indonesian culture. In Indonesian, red shoots are often associated with various meanings and concepts including life, strength, and sustainability.

Red shoots are also often considered a symbol of biodiversity. This tree has the ability to attract different types of insects, birds and other animals, thus supporting biodiversity in its surroundings. This shows how important this tree is in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem and life around it. Overall, red shoots have many meanings and benefits in Indonesian culture. The tree symbolizes biodiversity, strength, sustainability, and provides economic, environmental and human health benefits.

In addition to the donation of red shoot trees and waste bins at Manado City Market, Danamon Sulampua also donated an educational facility package consisted of inverter air conditioners, LED screens, and LED lights for the "Danamon Ramah Lingkungan" classroom at Nitro Institute of Business and Finance, Makassar. In collaboration with Makassar Mural Community, Danamon transformed the classroom into a more artistic and comfortable space for teaching and learning activities. The donation was also accompanied by a financial literacy program for more than 200 students and lecturers at the institute.

Danamon recognizes the importance of involving various stakeholders to improve the socio-economic welfare of the community and environmental resilience through improving the community's ability to utilize resources and develop local economic potential in a sustainable manner.

"These initiatives are part of Danamon's long-term commitment to environmental sustainability and financial literacy. The public and private sectors need to work more closely together to actualize a fair and sustainable vision of the world. Our alliance with various communities is an answer to this challenge. Our cooperation is not based on "what can we do for them" but on "what can we do for each other," and this program was born," added Chiau.

Danamon believes that the public and private sectors need each other more than ever. By involving various parties and continuously committing to sustainability, Danamon believes that everyone can provide direct benefits to society and play a role in creating positive change for a better future.




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