Danamon Urges Customers to Be Aware of Credit Card Billing Fraud

JAKARTA, 8 September 2023 – One type of fraud that we are starting to hear about is social engineering. This technique takes advantage of the victim's negligence to gain access to important data or information from the victim. The perpetrators have adept interaction and manipulation skills so that potential victims are not suspicious and easily provide personal data such as identity card numbers, e-mails, credit card CVVs, and others. Then, the perpetrator will use the personal data to access the victim's credit card or account. In this technique, the perpetrator will try to manipulate the victim psychologically, so that the attack strategy is carried out based on the victim's response.

Social engineering fraud via telephone usually is in the name of certain banks, including PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon). For example, fraudsters can make potential victims panic by conveying information that a customer has credit card arrears, even though the customer does not have a credit card from that bank. In fact, in certain cases, the perpetrator can browse the customer's social media and contact the office where the customer works or people around the customer to pay the fake arrears. In a state of panic, fraudsters may then offer help to resolve the arrears problem if the victim provides their personal data.

As a bank with a vision to care for and help millions of people achieve prosperity, Danamon continues to urge the public, especially customers, to be alert and not easily believe them if they receive calls or messages from parties claiming to be from Danamon.

“We only send the customer's credit card monthly billing summary to the e-mail address registered in the Danamon system. We will also only contact customers on registered numbers, and even in an urgent situation, we will only call the emergency number that has been listed. In addition, if Danamon does collect, we will do it ethically and in accordance with applicable regulations. So, customers don’t need to worry. We even encourage customers to be proactive in contacting us so they can quickly find the best solution and minimize the risk of fraud," explained Tresia Sarumpaet, Unsecured Business Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

As one of the most trusted banks in Indonesia, Danamon has been officially licensed and supervised by various relevant regulators, including the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Bank Indonesia (BI). In carrying out billing, Danamon complies with the regulations set forth in Bank Indonesia Circular Letter Number 14/17/DASP concerning Amendments to Bank Indonesia Circular Letter Number 11/10/DASP concerning Implementation of Card Payment Instrument Activities, which among other things regulates matters as following:

  • It is prohibited to take actions with threats, violence and/or to embarrass the Credit Card Holder.
  • It is forbidden to use physical or verbal pressure.
  • Prohibited to be done to parties other than Credit Card Holders.
  • Billing using communication means is prohibited from being carried out continuously which is annoying.
  • Billing can only be done at the credit card holder's billing address or domicile.
  • Billing can only be done from 08.00 to 20.00 the time area of the Credit Card Holder's address.

As part of efforts to protect customers from credit card fraud, every time they make a transaction using a Danamon credit card, customers will receive a notification via Danamon communication media such as e-mail or SMS afterwards. So, if a customer sees a suspicious transaction, the customer can immediately temporarily block their Credit Card via the D-Bank PRO mobile banking application to avoid other suspicious transactions. After that, customers can immediately contact the Hello Danamon call center to dispute suspicious transactions and request a replacement with a new card.

Danamon also urges all customers to always be careful and not easily believe when contacted by parties who claim on behalf of Danamon. Don't forget to always check the caller's number, because all official Danamon communications are only made through the following official communication media:

If customers have questions or need further assistance, please contact the Hello Danamon Call Center at 1-500-090.

“As a customer-centric organization, Danamon is committed to continuously educate customers so that they can protect themselves from various modes of fraud, both cyber and non-cyber. We are also determined to assist and ensure the convenience of customers in dealing with us so that customers can continue to grow with Danamon," concluded Tresia.



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