Danamon Launched New Service of One-Minute Online Credit Card Approval to Meet Customers’ Need for Fast and Convenient Transactions

JAKARTA, 2 August 2023 – PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Danamon”) announced the launch of an online Credit Card application process with only one-minute approval time, in response to the public's need for easy and fast banking services, as well as supporting the growth of the Consumer Banking business through increasing Credit Card customers.

"This is part of Danamon's commitment to always provide financial solutions that are timely and in accordance with customer needs and the ongoing trends. The Credit Card approval process in one-minute, with a Virtual Credit Card that is immediately available and can be used for online shopping, is expected to meet people’s demand for Credit Card products that are fast, easy, and convenient,” said Reza Rusly, Consumer Lending Business Head, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

Changes in Consumer Behavior Due to the Rapid Development of Technology Brings Demands for the Provision of Fast-paced Services.

The rapid development of technology has changed consumer behavior from conducting conventional or offline transactions to being more digital or online, especially with smartphones. In an era of increasingly sophisticated technology, consumers are pampered with easy access to various products and services that can be accessed from anywhere via a smartphone.

In a survey conducted by Jakpat on more than 500 respondents in several big cities across Indonesia, it was highlighted that although people want speed and convenience, they often must spend time waiting to get what they want. For example, most people spend a long time on activities such as 7-15 minutes to decide on their lunch menu, 3-5 minutes to choose what clothes to wear, 10-15 minutes to wait out the mall parking lot during rush hour, and 15 minutes to wait for their coffee or food to be served in a restaurant.

In the time span that is usually spent waiting for such things, sometimes people feel that time is passing quickly. In fact, with that same amount of time, they could do other things that are even faster, such as getting a credit card online. With innovation from Danamon, namely credit card applications that can be approved in just 1 minute, customers can immediately use their virtual credit cards to browse and shop at marketplaces or other online transactions during the remaining waiting time.

Tresia Sarumpaet, Unsecured Business Head, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk said, "As a bank that always strives to provide financial solutions according to customer needs, Danamon constantly comes up with innovations such as one-minute online Credit Card approval

Now, people who are interested in applying for a Danamon Credit Card can do so online and choose a Credit Card that best suits their needs and financial goals.

In this way, prospective customers can choose their desired Credit Card and fill out the form directly from the application, after which the customer's application will be confirmed whether it is approved or not in just one-minute. If approved, the customer will receive a Virtual Credit Card which can be used immediately for online transactions or using a digital wallet and managed through the Danamon mobile banking application, D-Bank PRO. Customers will also receive a physical Credit Card which will be sent to their address afterwards.

"We realize that the public still has a need for physical credit cards for offline transactions both in Indonesia and abroad, so we continue to send physical cards to customers. This is in accordance with Danamon's commitment to providing appropriate financial solutions to help customers take control of their every financial need and goal," added Tresia.

In order to complete a seamless experience and help customers be wiser in managing personal finances, customers are also facilitated with various Credit Card features (Virtual Credit Card, Credit Card Management Features, Transaction History Information, Installment Programs with My Own Installment, and transferring the remaining card limit credit to an account using the Money Transfer feature) to cater to the need for managing their Credit Card use from the D-Bank PRO application.

Continuous Innovation is The Key to Growing Danamon's Consumer Banking Business

Danamon realizes that time is precious, and with the one-minute online Credit Card approval, customers can be more productive and immediately enjoy the benefits of a Credit Card. The convenience of the credit card application process is expected to be the answer to the needs of the public who want fast transactions. Customers can directly use a Virtual Credit Card for online transactions such as in multi-services applications to order vehicles so they can travel quickly and comfortably or order food at their favorite restaurants and cafes, online transactions in all marketplaces so they don't miss flash sales or special discounts from Danamon on the marketplace, or even to order plane and train tickets as well as hotels online to go on vacation with loved ones.

Furthermore, Reza explained, the innovative fast and easy credit card application process is not only well-positioned to answer customer needs for fast and easy credit cards, but also to support Danamon's goals of growing its Consumer Banking business. Danamon believes that enhancing digital capabilities is the key to serving customers better, while strengthening the ecosystem and expanding the customer base. In line with data from Bank Indonesia (BI) which recorded an increase in the value and volume of credit card transactions at the end of 2021, it is hoped that this digital credit card application service will continue to increase the growth of Danamon's Consumer Banking business.

“Danamon believes that increasing digital capabilities is one of the keys to delivering great service to our customers, along with strengthening the ecosystem and expanding the customer base. Every effort to develop Danamon's digital capabilities and ecosystem in a sustainable and integrated manner is to support expanding customer base in various segments such as mass, optimum, and privilege. For this reason, we will continue to make investments to increase capabilities and digital transformation so that Danamon can provide a more holistic banking experience for customers in the digital era, thus enabling us to continue to grow with customers as their Bank of Choice," concluded Reza.

For more information about the one-minute credit card application process, bdi.co.id/1menitbisa.




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