PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk Held Its  Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Jakarta, 25 Maret 2022 - The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (the Company) held today approved, amongst others, the Company’s 2021 Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements; Appropriation of Company’s 2021 Profit; and Changes in the Company’s Composition of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors.

The AGMS endorsed dividend distribution of 35% from the Company’s 2021 Net Profit After Tax, equivalent to IDR 550.6 billion or IDR 56.33/share. 

Danamon’s President Director Yasushi Itagaki stated: “In 2021, Danamon managed to post a positive profitability growth and was able to maintain strong fundamentals amid pandemic and economic challenges. Operational resilience and bank soundness continue to demonstrate robust progression, providing stable services and supports to customers. We continued to invest in Digital Channels, IT, Branding and People for stronger foundation”.

“Collaborations between Danamon, Adira Finance, MUFG is also key – utilizing each entities’ respective strength. As a group, we share the same aspiration to provide comprehensive financial solutions across segments and value chains including automotive industry and Real estate developers’ ecosystem. We are committed to develop a customer-centric organization, to align with our brand promise which is to provide financial solutions for our customers to help them take control of their financial needs and objectives,” added Yasushi Itagaki.

The Company continually aims to increase shareholder returns by focusing on achieving optimal dividends to balance capital equity with strategic investment for growth.

Alongside the approval of dividend distribution, the AGMS affirmed the changes in the compositions of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors. Kenichi Yamato was appointed as President Commissioner and Shuichi Yokoyama was appointed as the Commissioner. Furthermore, Hafid Hadeli and Thomas Sudarma were appointed as the Vice President Director and Director respectively. As such, the new composition of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors are as follows:

Board of Commissioners
  1. Kenichi Yamato as President Commissioner*
  2. J.B. Kristiadi Pudjosukanto as Vice President Commissioner (Independent)
  3. Nobuya Kawasaki as Commissioner 
  4. Peter B Stok as Commissioner (Independent)
  5. Hedy Maria Helena Lapian as Commissioner (Independent)
  6. Dan Harsono as Commissioner
  7. Halim Alamsyah as Commissioner (Independent)
  8. Shuichi Yokoyama as Commissioner 

(* The effective appointment of Kenichi Yamato and Mr. Shuichi Yokoyama are subject to Fit and Proper Test of the Financial Services Authority (OJK))

Board of Directors
  1. Yasushi Itagaki as President Director
  2. Honggo Widjojo Kangmasto as Vice President Director
  3. Hafid Hadeli as Vice President Director* 
  4. Herry Hykmanto as Director
  5. Rita Mirasari as Director
  6. Heriyanto Agung Putra as Director
  7. Dadi Budiana as Director
  8. Muljono Tjandra as Director
  9. Naoki Mizoguchi as Director
  10. Thomas Sudarma as Director*
(*The effective appointment of Hafid Hadeli and Thomas Sudarma are subject to Fit and Proper Test by the Financial Services Authority (OJK)).

Danamon’s AGMS this year, once again, strictly adhered to health protocols by optimizing the use of information technology to ensure safety of the Company’s shareholders as stakeholders.

For media queries, please contact:

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Corporate Communications Manager

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