Danamon Expands Sharia Banking Services in Aceh

Supporting Qanun regulations for local governance through sharia banking services for the people of Aceh

Jakarta, April 27 2021. In line with local government policies regarding implementation of Qanun on Sharia Financial Institutions (LKS) number 11/2018, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Danamon”) this day finalized the conversion of its entire Aceh provincial office network into sharia. In attendance during the launch were the Director of Supervision of Sharia Banks, Regional Secretary of Aceh, Chairperson of Aceh OJK, General Chairperson of the Aceh Sharia Economic Community (MES), officials of the Financial Services Authority in Jakarta, and representatives of Danamon Sharia Aceh.

All Danamon branch offices in this special province now provide sharia products and services that meet financial needs of the people of Aceh.

“Danamon recognizes the strategic role of Islamic banking’s advancement in Indonesia as a potential force for development. Danamon fully supports local government policies related to the implementation of Qanun on Sharia Financial Institutions Number 11/2018 by converting all service operations into sharia. We remain committed to the continuous improvement of Sharia banking services for the people of Aceh,” said Danamon Sharia Director Herry Hykmanto.

"With this conversion, all Danamon Sharia branches in Banda Aceh, Bireun, Lhokseumawe and Langsa are now able to offer sharia products and services," added Herry



With Danamon Sharia fully operational in Aceh province, customers can access various sharia banking products and services such as Hajj deposits, Hajj, Umrah and Qurban planning, and other similar needs. Danamon Sharia conducts banking functions in accordance with sharia or Islamic legal principles as regulated in the fatwa of the Indonesian Ulema Council. Customers can also avail of sharia products and services with transparent fund management that complies with sharia principles and equal growth opportunities. Danamon Sharia has a wide choice of sharia-compliant products and services with various agreements (Akad) tailored for the Acehnese.

All Danamon Sharia banking services are supported by Bank Danamon’s infrastructure, starting from the office network and transaction channels to call centers and other support infrastructure. Danamon Sharia customer transactions can be performed through Danamon various channels including Internet banking, mobile banking, ATM, etc.

Bank Danamon’s operations in the special province of Aceh is expected to strengthen the growth of its sharia banking in the future.