Bank Danamon Awards Hajj Pilgrimage Savings Account To Asian Games 2018 Gold Medalist

Jakarta, 28 September 2018. PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) through its Sharia Business Unit today handed out an award in the form of a Hajj pilgrimage to Hanifan Yudani Kusumah, the Indonesian Pencak Silat athlete who won gold at Asian Games 2018. This award is a token of appreciation for the success of Hanifan who made Indonesia proud at the international stage.

We are very proud of the achievements of Indonesian young athletes at the Asian Games yang lalu. The Hajj pilgrimage is a form of our appreciation to the hard work and fighting spirit of Hanifan, who has presented Indonesia with a gold medal. We hope that Hanifan’s achievement will inspire a generation of young Indonesia to strive for greatness. The fighting spirit shown by Hanifan motivates us at Danamon to continue to innovate in meeting the needs of our customers, including through the Hajj Pilgrimage Savings Account that we gave Hanifan today,” said Herry Hykmanto, Operational and Syariah Director, Bank Danamon.

Bank Danamon has been officially appointed as a Recipient Bank for Hajj Pilgrimage Fund Deposit (BPS-BPIH) by the Hajj Financial Management Office (BPKH). Additionally, Bank Danamon is also assigned the roles of Placement Bank, Investment Partner Bank, and Value Management Bank to support BPKH in managing Hajj pilgrimage funds. All Bank Danamon branch accept the Hajj Pilgrimage fund deposit. 

Concurrently, Hanifan also registers his parents for Hajj Pilgrimage to show his appreciation in his parent’s role in supporting him until he won the gold medal. We hope that this will inspire millenials to prepare for Hajj Pilgrimage at an earlier age,” added Herry.

As a BPS-BPIH, Danamon Syariah Hajj Savings account is online with the Integrated Hajj Computerized System (SISKOHAT) managed by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs. This means that the savings account provides guaranteed slot number for prospective Hajj pilgrims. Moreover, Danamon Syariah customers will also receive the added convenience of withdrawing cash from Real-denominated ATMs in Saudi Arabia free of charge through the Mastercard electronic ATM network.

The conveniences offered by Danamon Syariah and the wide array of products are designed to support customers’ aspirations to perform Hajj Pilgrimage. We advise customers to prioritize and prepare for Hajj pilgrimage as early as possible, so that the Hajj pilgrimage can be performed while young. Currently, Hajj pilgrimage registration can be done starting from 12 years of age, as the waiting list for Hajj pilgrimage becomes longer.