Celebrate 2018 with Infobank Awards: “Service Excellence” and “The Most Consistent Bank in Service Excellence”

At the 15th Banking Service Excellence Awards 2018 held in Jakarta, Tuesday, 5th of June 2018, Bank Danamon was presented with special awards “The Most Consistent Bank in Service Excellence”. This award was given by Infoback and and Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI) after conducting a survey of 39 banks operating in Indonesia, and Bank Danamon continually succeeds at maintaining an excellent level of service towards the customers. This is why Bank Danamon rightfully deserves the special awards. 

Not only honored with the special awards, this year Bank Danamon once again holds the award as a commercial bank with an excellent service in the second best position at Banking Service Excellence Monitor 2018. Bank Danamon got a total score of 82.53%. The score rose 4.00 points compared with last year’s survey results. An increase that took Danamon to sit in second place, one rank higher from the previous year. That means, the quality service of Bank Danamon is deemed getting better throughout the year.

Based on survey results from six aspects of walk-in channel assessment, Bank Danamon succeeded to be the best in three aspects, namely teller, physical banking gall and automatic teller machine (ATM). Meanwhile on the other three aspects, namely security guards, customer services and branch call centre, Bank Danamon sits on the second best position. The development of infrastructure also contributes to the improvement of Bank Danamon’s service quality, and is proven by the 1st rank achieved in SMS Banking category.

This year’s award marks the second success of Bank Danamon on the top three in the last two years. Therefore, Bank Danamon would like to thank every customer for the trust given to Bank Danamon, as well as to all staff and employees who keep building a superior service culture. Not stopping at this milestone, Bank Danamon will even further constantly provide and improve the best kind of banking service for the customers.

The following is the list of awards that Danamon achieved in Banking Service Excellence 2018:
1. 2nd Rank for Best Overall Performance
2. 2nd Rank for Walk-in Channel Category
3. 2nd Rank for Customer Service Category
4. 2nd Rank for Security Unit Category
5. 1st Rank for Teller Category
6. 2nd Rank for Branch Call Unit Category
7. 1st Rank for SMS Banking Category
8. 2nd Rank for Best Overall Performance of Syariah Business Unit
9. 1st Rank for Security Unit of Syariah Business Unit
10. 2nd Rank for Overall Minus E-Banking Category of Syariah Business Unit
11. 2nd Rank for Customer Service Category of Syariah Business Unit
12. 1st Rank for Teller Category of Syariah Business Unit
13. 1st Rank of Call Unit Category of Syariah Business Unit
These awards were presented by Infobank Magazine in collaboration with Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI), and is expected to spur the banking industry to continue providing the best service for customers.