Danamon Announces Operational Schedule and Support Services for Customers During the Long Holiday of Eid Al-Fitr 1445 Hijriah

Jakarta, 27 March 2024 - As we inch closer to the Eid Al-Fitr 1445 Hijriah holidays, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Danamon") announced the operational schedule for its branch offices and supporting services for customer’s needs which usually increase around the annual holiday. During this period, Danamon also provides banking services and facilities to ensure that customers can continue to carry out financial transactions smoothly during the holiday period via its mobile banking application, D-Bank PRO.

Eid al-Fitr is always a special moment for Indonesian people, especially Muslims. In addition to being a celebration of triumph after fasting for a whole month, Eid Al-Fitr is also used to carry out the tradition of going back to everyone’s hometowns to meet and celebrate with extended families. In this tradition, people usually give out gifts in the form of goods or envelopes containing new banknotes to younger relatives.

"The tradition of going home, giving gifts and THR (holiday bonus) for Eid, as well as the increasing consumption ahead of Hari Raya, means that people need smooth banking services more than ever. This adjustment to the branch operational schedule is evidence of Danamon's commitment to ensure the comfort of customers who want to make financial transactions at Danamon branches during the 2024 Eid al-Fitr holiday," said Eka Dinata, Branch Network Head, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

Responding to this need, Danamon, as a bank that always strives to provide customer-centric solutions, announced the operational schedule for its branch offices during the Eid holiday:



6 – 7 April 2024

Weekend banking branch offices will remain open

8 April 2024

Only 46 branch offices will remain open

9 – 12 April 2024

All branch offices will be closed

13 – 14 April 2024

Weekend banking branch offices will remain open

15 April 2024

All branch offices will be closed

The services provided by Danamon at its branch offices are: opening or closing CASA accounts, opening or withdrawing deposit accounts, cash deposits and withdrawals, monney transfers in Rupiah, receipt of owned check, PDC (Post-Dated Check) deposits in other bank’s check as well as owned check, SDB service (Safe Deposit Box) for branches that have SDB, as well as tax deposits.

Apart from adjusting branch office operational schedules, Danamon also provides money exchange services in smaller denominations at all Danamon branches as well as an additional mobile branch service located at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, from 28 to 31 March 2024, 09.00 to 15.00 WIB. Danamon money exchange services are available to a maximum of 300 customers per day to exchange money in the amount of up to Rp. 4,000,000,- in the following denominations: denomination of Rp. 50,000,- up to Rp. 1,000,000,-; denomination of IDR 20,000 up to IDR 1,000,000; denomination of IDR 10,000 up to IDR 1,000,000; denomination of IDR 5,000,- up to IDR 500,000,-; denomination of IDR 2,000,- up to IDR 400,000,-; and denomination of IDR 1,000 up to IDR 100,000.

Danamon's commitment is also demonstrated through the mobile banking application, D-Bank PRO, which can be used throughout the holiday period. This application offers various features and benefits designed to make daily financial transactions easier for customers. With D-Bank PRO, customers can easily fulfill Eid al-Fitr needs such as buying homecoming tickets, paying zakat, and distributing family Eid bonuses (THR) through transfer and virtual account features.

"Danamon's proactive effort in adjusting operational schedules and providing support services during the Eid al-Fitr holiday is confirmation of our commitment to customers. By ensuring that customers have access to essential banking services during this festive period, Danamon will continue to foster its reputation as a customer-oriented organization," concluded Eka.
For complete information regarding the list of branch offices which will remain operational during the 2024 Eid, customers can visit bdi.co.id/infocabang or contact the Hello Danamon call center at 1-500-090.





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