With a Wider Network, Danamon, Adira Finance, and MUFG Bring Various Programs and Exciting Promos to Pamper Customers and Visitors of IIMS 2024

Jakarta, 15 February 2024 - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) and PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance, Tbk. (Adira Finance) supported by MUFG Bank, Ltd (MUFG) offering four pillars of added value in the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2024 event to accelerate national economic growth by providing financial solutions to all stakeholders in the automotive sector and the general public.

With three years of collaboration with Dyandra Promosindo as the organizer of IIMS 2024, this year, MUFG and Danamon are back as the official bank partner, with Adira Finance as the official multifinance partner, and as the official trade-in partner through momobil.id and momotor.id.

This year, Danamon and Adira Finance supported by MUFG not only targeting IIMS 2024 as an automotive exhibition event, but also targeting the pillars of entertainment, KidZania, and Community. With these four pillars, the financial group hopes to provide optimal added value to every part of the automotive financial supply chain, from upstream to downstream, to support Indonesia’s economic growth.

Kazushige Nakajima, Executive Officer, Country Head of Indonesia, MUFG Bank, Ltd said, the Group has a unique position to serve the entire automotive industry chain in Indonesia. “As a Financial Group, MUFG, Danamon, and Adira Finance believe that synergy is the key to our ability to provide strong support for the entire part of the financial supply chain of the Indonesian automotive industry from upstream to downstream. MUFG, as one of the largest financial groups in the world, helps Danamon and Adira Finance expand their business synergy and ecosystem network, which can connect customers with clients and business partners both domestically and abroad.”

Moreover, added Kazushige, the Group’s capabilities continue to increase along with the growing network of MUFG through various strategic acquisitions of financial institutions in Indonesia. Recently, the Group, both directly and through companies under the MUFG network, has acquired financial service providers, such as Akulaku, Home Credit Indonesia, and the one in the process of acquisition which is Mandala Finance.

Daisuke Ejima, President Director, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk added, they realized that an automotive event like IIMS 2024 must be able to provide maximum added value for the Indonesian economy. “In our journey to grow as a financial group, we need to always innovate and create breakthroughs in providing complete and appropriate financial services to the needs of each customer. We have the ability to support the financial needs of the entire automotive ecosystem, starting from suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, to various types of end buyers, including fleet and heavy equipment financing. This is to support our aspiration to become the preferred bank for the Indonesian automotive ecosystem.”

At the same time, Dewa Made Susila selaku Direktur Utama PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance, Tbk. (Adira Finance) said "with a close collaboration between Adira Finance, Danamon, and support from MUFG, we continue to present comprehensive financial solutions for the company’s ecosystem, including customers, partners, and business associates. At this year’s IIMS, we bring the entire financing product to answer the needs of automotive and non-automotive, including Cash Loans with BPKB as collateral. We also present a light interest program starting from 1.99% p.a for car financing and introduce our digital services. This initiative reflects our commitment to supporting the growth of the national automotive industry.”

Various New Programs to Support the New Success of IIMS 2024

With the theme of "Your Ultimate Autotainment Experience," IIMS 2024 will take place for 10 days from 15-25 February 2024 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta. IIMS 2024 will provide a different experience from previous event. In line with the theme and based on an understanding of the diversity of IIMS visitors, Danamon together with Adira Finance and supported by MUFG this year are offering four main pillars, namely automotive, entertainment in the form of IIMS Infinite Live and Infinite Show, KidZania, and Community.

In line with the current digital era, these four pillars become a bridge for Danamon with Adira Finance supported by MUFG to maximize banking services by offering various financial solutions from upstream to downstream, starting from Corporate customers to SMEs, to individual customers through KPM Prima together with Adira Finance for financing various vehicles, including electric vehicles. With KPM Prima, visitors will have the opportunity to get various benefits, such as special interest installment of KPM Prima at 1.99% and a cashback bonus of up to IDR 500 thousand per month for 5 months, if they do bundle by joining as a Danamon Optimal customer.

Meanwhile, understanding the needs of customers who continue to grow, Adira Finance is ready to revolutionize the vehicle ownership experience by introducing a smooth and comfortable solution. By providing momobil.id and momotor.id as our digital platform, customers can explore vehicle exchanges without hassle, providing various benefits that enhance the overall ownership journey.

People visiting Adira Finance booth at IIMS are also invited to explore its digital service, adiraku, and interact with experts who can guide them through the user-friendly platform. The company’s participation in IIMS is proof of its proactive approach in adapting to the dynamic changes of automotive landscape, ensuring that customers are at the forefront of their initiatives.

At IIMS 2024, MUFG, Danamon, and Adira Finance not only offer special promos to help people buy or upgrade vehicles, but also provide entertainment and education for customers and the public, such as the IIMS Infinite Live 2024 music concert, KidZania as a means of edutainment for children, and talk shows that will explore automotive and provide financial tips titled STUDIO FINANCIAL.

In addition to customers and the public, there are activities with the automotive community named Adira Community Gathering. We value the active role of the automotive community as very important in supporting the advancement of the automotive industry in Indonesia. This activity also presents reliable speakers.

More Exciting Offers for Visitors and Customers during IIMS 2024

Adira Finance presents various promos and attractive offers during the IIMS 2024 event. For car financing Adira Finance offers light interest starting from 1.99% p.a. (tenor 1 year), free provision fee (0%), admin fee discount up to 50%, cashback 700,000 adirapoin, additional cashback of IDR 4.5 million for trade-in through momobil.id, and bonus tire insurance for 12 months by Zurich Insurance Indonesia. For motorcycle financing Adira Finance offers cashback up to 600,000 adirapoin and additional cashback of 500,000 adirapoin for trade-in through momotor.id, as well as tenor cuts up to 5 months for certain brands. For visitors who need Cash Loans (MPL), Adira Finance offers cashback up to IDR 1,000,000 adirapoin. For visitors who need Durable financing (massage chairs and e-bikes) Adira Finance offers light interest starting from 0% (for massage chair products of the Advance brand) and light interest starting from 1.75% (for electric bicycle and car rim products).

Not only promos, Adira Finance also provides direct approval facilities on the spot, 10x Greater Chance of winning the Grand Prize Car for customers who apply for financing at IIMS 2024, and the opportunity to win the UMRAH program for Friends. UMRAH for Friends is a prize program rewarding UMRAH packages for hundreds of Adira Finance customers. And especially at IIMS 2024, there are dozens of umrah packages that can be won every day by lucky customers who apply for financing at Adira Finance during the IIMS 2024 period.

Not to mention, Danamon also spoils its customers and visitors with various promos so they can save up to 100% for IIMS and Infinite Live concert tickets, food and drinks, and vehicle accessories in the aftermarket with QRIS D-Bank PRO, Debit, Credit, and Charge Cards Danamon. Additionally, there is a lottery program with a grand prize of 1 car unit that can be followed by all visitors. Customers can join by following the bundling program of KPM Prima and Danamon Optimal, exchanging motorized vehicles, and transactions using QRIS D-Bank PRO, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards at IIMS 2024.

For further information about MUFG, Danamon and Adira Finance promos and programs at IIMS 2024, visit bdi.co.id/iims2024.



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