Fulfilling Commitment to Help Customers Grow Together at Every Stage of Their Life, Danamon Collaborates with Bridestory Again to Present Bridestory Market 2024

Jakarta, January 29, 2024 – Amidst rapid technological developments and shifts in today's wedding industry, it has become apparent that the aspirations of the younger generation (Millennials and Gen Z) regarding ideal weddings and wedding parties have not changed much. Traditional and family values remain the priority and goal for most of them in planning their dream wedding. This is reflected in the results of a research conducted by Danamon, in collaboration with Jakpat, on more than 1,000 respondents who plan to get married in the future (at least in the next 1 to 3 years).

Several other interesting findings also emerged in this research, regarding the aspirations of young people, including the fact that despite digitalization and widespread use of online apps and websites, wedding parties, which during the pandemic experienced a shift to online (steaming), are now returning to initial conditions before the pandemic, where as many as 88% of respondents preferring to hold weddings offline rather than online.

Furthermore, 62% of respondents wanted to host a wedding reception with a fairly large number of invited guests, with 44% of respondents saying that the ideal number of invited guests is 100 guests or more. As many as 58% of respondents chose to focus on reception preparations rather than the honeymoon, and 82% of respondents prefer to get married in the city where they lived and grew up in so they could celebrate with extended family, relatives and loved ones. Another aspect considered important in preparing for a wedding is the quality of food (catering) for guests. These results show that social norms are still an important consideration for Gen Z and Millennials when having a wedding.

Danamon, as a customer-centric bank, listens to and understands these needs, and takes proactive steps in helping customers realize their dream wedding by extending its partnership with Bridestory through Bridestory Market 2024. The event has been known to garner significant attention from participants as a prominent wedding exhibition.

Most respondents of the survey also said that they still wished to visit wedding fairs even though there were applications and websites that they could use to plan their weddings. The main reason for this is because at wedding fairs they can see the wedding dress collection for themselves, find the right wedding vendors, wedding clothes and catering or food, as well as look for discounts and special promotional programs to help them manage their wedding expenses.

Ivan Jaya, Consumer Funding and Wealth Business Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, stated that Danamon's presence at Bridestory Market 2024 aims to emphasize Danamon's commitment to becoming the bank of choice for customers that provides various solutions, both financial and non-financial, to help customers prepare for their dream wedding.

"Danamon is proud to be working again with Bridestory in presenting Bridestory Market 2024. Apart from reintroducing Danamon Optimal, this time Danamon also wants to introduce the tagline #Danamonikah, which is a manifestation of Danamon's aspiration to be a solution to the needs of 'Dana-mau-nikah’ (wedding fund). Through Danamon's presence at Bridestory Market 2024 as the main sponsor, Danamon would like to be known as the Bank of Choice for customers, who provides various solutions, both financial and non-financial, that people need in preparing for every significant moment in their lives," he said.

At Bridestory Market 2024, Danamon will offer integrated financial products and services for end-to-end wedding financial planning through Danamon Optimal, which is designed as a one stop financial solution for the young generation of emerging affluent people. Danamon Optimal not only helps customers prepare for their dream wedding, but also helps in preparing for every important stage of life afterwards, starting from financial advisory services for wedding preparations, to post-wedding financial planning needs such as KPR, Cash Credit, KPM, Educational Investment, and others. 

Additionally, by opening a Danamon Lebih PRO savings account, placing funds in the amount of at least IDR 50 million and applying for a Danamon JCB Precious credit card at the Danamon Booth, customers will have the opportunity to save 20% for up to IDR 3 million. Customers who transact using the Danamon Optimal debit card in the amount of at least IDR 10 million will also have the opportunity to play the Wheel of Fortune to win the Grand Prize in the form of Travel Voucher of up to IDR 40 million. Customers who apply for a Danamon JCB Precious credit card can immediately have their application approved and automatically get a travel luggage, and customers who transact using the Danamon JCB Precious credit card in the amount of IDR 25 million within the first 90 days from approval will have the opportunity to win Travel E-Voucher amounting to IDR 2 million. Moreover, customers who use Danamon as a payment method on Bridestory Pay also have the opportunity to win a Special Prize.

"We hope that the Bridestory Market 2024 will be a source of inspiration and financial solutions when it comes to weddings for many couples, as well as a fun recreational destination for all visitors. So, don't miss this opportunity and see you at Bridestory Market 2024," concluded Ivan.



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