Danamon Syariah collaborates with Bank Sleman  through the Innovation of Providing ATM Services of Bank Sleman  as the Main Gateway to Digital Financial Services

Jakarta, 22 December 2023 – PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk through Sharia Business Unit (Danamon Syariah) collaborates with Bank Sleman or PT BPR Bank Sleman (Perseroda), owned by the Sleman Regency Government, Special Region of Yogyakarta, to introduce the latest innovation to improve services for its customers.

Herry Hykmanto, Director of Shariah & Sustainability Finance of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, together with Muhammad Sigit, President Director of Bank Sleman, and Gretel Griselda, Business Director of PT ALTO Network, symbolically inaugurated the launch of ATM services of Bank Sleman, held at Menara Bank Danamon, Jakarta, on Thursday, 21 December 2023.

Danamon Syariah's collaboration with Bank Sleman is an important step in the development of Bank Sleman. This collaboration also shows a joint commitment to support better digital financial services.

Herry stated that the launch of ATM services of Bank Sleman is an important milestone in providing financial services to make them more accessible and efficient. The partnership between Danamon and Bank Sleman in the future can become a more strategic partnership to synergize in providing banking products that support efforts towards Go Green. 

"Through the innovation of providing ATM services of Bank Sleman as the main gateway to digital services, we hope to make a positive and significant contribution to banking products and services that embody sustainability and an environmentally friendly vision. One of the ideas is to have a cardless transactions using virtual cards in the future. In addition to our commitment to strengthen cooperation with Danamon Syariah products and services, including facilitating regular hajj registration for Bank Sleman customers through Bank Danamon branches, we also hope that this collaboration can support ESG programs more broadly," said Herry.

Sigit added that with this ATM service, Bank Sleman is ready to innovate digitally to provide better services to its customers. This aligns with the digitalization direction of Bank Sleman, supported by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) until 2025. "Bank Sleman believes that the presence of ATM services from the collaboration of Danamon Syariah and PT ALTO Network will provide real benefits to the community and be a positive step in meeting the needs of customers in this digital era," said Sigit.

Previously, on 5 October 2023, Bank Sleman became the first Regional Development Bank in Indonesia to obtain a permit as a category 1 payment service provider with off-us-transaction activities for fund management as an issuer of ATM cards, following the recommendations of Bank Indonesia and with the support of OJK on November 6, 2023. This important collaboration is also fully supported by Danamon Syariah and PT ALTO Network. In the future, Bank Sleman customers who have a Bank Sleman ATM card can make transactions via the ATM network throughout Indonesia, which is under the ALTO network, including Danamon.

Furthermore, Sigit revealed, "In line with the OJK roadmap for the digitalization of Regional Development Banks from 2021 to 2025, the ATM service of Bank Sleman, which can be transacted off us, is the main gateway of Bank Sleman that is transforming into digital financial services."

Gretel Griselda, Chief Business Officer of PT ALTO Network, stated that with ALTO's network of ATMs spread across Indonesia and ALTO's capabilities as the leading payment infrastructure in Indonesia, they will fully support the digitalization innovations carried out by Bank Sleman to enhance banking services for its customers.

To improve customer service, Bank Sleman is currently striving to respond to customer demands, including digitalization.



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