Danamon Introduces Next Generation Branch Concept to Provide Integrated Solutions to Customers and Communities

Jakarta, 16 October 2023 - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) as one of the leading banks in Indonesia continues to innovate to meet the needs of business partners and customers to take control of their financial needs and goals by launching the Next Generation Branch Concept. This transformation combines three important elements, namely people, digital technology, and physical presence, to provide a holistic banking experience. In 2023, Danamon targets to open 53 Next Generation Branch Concepts throughout Indonesia to provide better service and balance customer needs both digitally and physically.

“Next Generation Branch Concept is based on a deep understanding of Indonesian culture and daily life. With this, Danamon shifts the focus of branch visits from just basic transactions to more meaningful relationships. Branch offices are no longer just a place for transactions, but a space to build trust and work together to find solutions that suit customers' needs at every important moment in their lives. "Apart from that, this branch office is also a center of interaction for communities to connect with each other and grow together stronger," said Eka Dinata, Branch Network Head, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

This approach allows Danamon to offer various financial solutions to customers more effectively, build high-quality experiences, and provide added value to customers. Apart from that, these branch offices are also centers for an omni-channel approach that introduces and assists customers in using all available banking facilities, including digital services. Danamon also provides consultation facilities and a knowledge center for customers, as well as targeted and integrated solutions, to help them meet their financial needs more effectively and efficiently.

"As a customer-oriented organization, Danamon is committed to continuing to grow and provide superior service. With a value proposition that focuses on sales and service excellence, Danamon builds strong synergies with partners, government, and communities. "World-class technology support is also one of the main pillars in providing the best banking experience to customers," added Eka.

By the end of September 2023, 29 branch offices have been completely renovated and reopened in various regions in Indonesia:

  • 14 branch offices in Jakarta
  • 1 branch office in Bekasi
  • 1 branch office in Bogor
  • 1 branch office in Tangerang
  • 2 branch offices in Bandung
  • 2 branch offices in Semarang
  • 3 branch offices in Surabaya
  • 2 branch offices in Medan
  • 1 branch office in Deli Serdang
  • 1 branch office in Denpasar
  • 1 branch office in Pontianak

Through this transformation, Danamon is committed to continuing to grow as a customer-centric organization, with a unique value proposition that focuses on sales and service excellence, strong synergy with partners, government, and communities, and supported by world-class technology. Danamon will also continue its strategy of providing services and strengthening relationships with customers, through product and service innovation that can answer their every financial need and goal. To support this, Danamon will also continue to invest in digitizing systems and processes and developing products and services with the aim of providing a seamless customer experience.




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