Beware of Fraud Mode through Fake Call Centers

JAKARTA, 11 September 2023 – Social engineering is a form of threat aimed not at computer systems, but at their users which are humans. The large number of frauds in the form of social engineering requires the public to be more alert and thorough. Either way, fraudsters can deceive customers to exploit personal information and access customer financial data. This attack can occur online or offline, or a combination of both.

Recently, a fake call center was discovered which fraudsters claimed was the Danamon call center. Fraudsters place false information about the Danamon call center on Google Maps to trick potential victims who want to find Danamon branch addresses and telephone numbers where they can be contacted. The victim contacted the fake call center and was directed by the fraudster to continue the conversation via WhatsApp chat. After that, the fraudster sent an .apk file which, when clicked, gives access to customer data at the bank so that the fraudster can access the victim's savings balance.

"As technology and digitalization continue to develop, banking crimes are also becoming more common with increasingly diverse modes. Therefore, Danamon urges all customers and the public to protect personal data by always being careful and alert, and not to carelessly hand over information related to personal data to parties whose truth cannot be proven. Regarding this fraud method using fake call centers, customers and the public are expected to search for and confirm a company's call center number on trusted sources, such as Call 108, or other official media, including the company's official website. "It is also important to pay attention that customers do not carelessly click on suspicious files sent via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS," advised Kristiani Siwi, Service Quality & Contact Center Head, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

Danamon's call center, Hello Danamon, is a channel for customers to obtain information about products and services, as well as submit complaints. In order to meet expectations and provide the best solutions to customers, Danamon always provides training in the form of qualified and sustainable customer service skills to Hello Danamon agents. The methods used include Service Development training, and various programs and activities to improve skills and insight, engagement, and provide motivation and appreciation for agents who excel.

If customers have questions or need further assistance regarding banking, customers can contact the Hello Danamon call center at 1-500-090. Please remember that Danamon never asks for customer personal data, whether password, PIN, or OTP (One-Time Password). Hello Danamon officers will only ask for customer personal data if the customer makes a call to the call center to submit a request for assistance or a particular complaint.

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