Danamon Planted 4,500 Tree Seedlings in Bagan Pete Urban Forest and Muhammad Sabki Urban Forest to Support Carbon Emission Reduction  and Environmental Preservation

Jambi, August 12, 2023 - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) carries the theme of TUMBUH BERSAMA in celebration of its 67th anniversary. As a bank with a vision to Care and Enable Millions to Prosper, Danamon through Danamon Peduli actively promotes carbon emission reduction and environmental preservation through employee’s involvement as volunteers called D-Volunteers. Through the 2023 “Peduli Lingkungan” Program, Danamon Sumatera 2 planted 4,500 trees and fruit seedlings in Bagan Pete Urban Forest and Muhammad Sabki Urban Forest, Jambi.

The ceremony was held at Muhammad Sabki Urban Forest, on Saturday, August 12, 2023, attended by the Head of Jambi City Environmental Agency, Dr. H. Ardi, SP, M.Si.; Head of UPTD Urban Forest DLH Jambi City, M. Fauzi, S.HUT, M.Si.; Head of Kota Baru Sub-District, Jauharul Ikhsan SH.Kp; Head of Alam Barajo Sub-District, Iper Riyansuni S.Th.I, ME, M.Kom; Head of Kenali Asam Village, Haliluddin, S.IP; Regional Corporate Officer of Bank Danamon Sumatera 2, Handriady Chia; and approximately 100 D-Volunteers from Danamon Sumatera 2.

"In addition to our commitment to the financial needs of our customers, the growth and development of our employees and the wider community, Danamon is also committed to grow with the communities that have become our partners in implementing Sustainability programs. This is one of our concrete actions to support sustainable business development. Through the Danamon Peduli program, as a form of Corporate Social Responsibility, Danamon actively campaigns for initiatives to reduce carbon emission levels and encourages active employees’ involvement in achieving net zero carbon emission targets, one of which is through tree planting activities in urban forests," said Handriady Chia, Regional Corporate Officer of   Danamon Sumatera 2.

The existence of an urban forest is vital for a city. Its presence can help filter air and water, control rainwater flow, preserve biodiversity, and reduce noise and air pollution. The two urban forests that became the location of Peduli Lingkungan this time, are two of the three urban forests prioritized by the Jambi City Government since 2020 to be improved and organized into an eco-tourism destination so that they can contribute to the local economy. In its implementation, Danamon contributes to the increase of biodiversity in the two urban forests by planting Red Meranti, Renggas, Jeluntung Rawa, Tembesu, Aren, Bulian, Avocado, Petai, and Durian. These trees were chosen because they have economic value, cultural significance, contribution to the ecosystem, and have various benefits such as wood, shade, food, and visual beauty.

"Danamon believes that urban forests have many important benefits, apart from the environmental aspect; there are economic benefits, improving mental and physical health, reducing flood risk, increasing productivity, and creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for the community," Handriady added.

In addition to tree planting, Danamon also held a financial literacy program for students and provided educational facilities for Bina Kasih Vocational High School, Jambi. Referring to the 2019 National Survey on Financial Literacy & Inclusion (SNLKI), financial literacy in Indonesia has only reached 38.03%. Even the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) states that the number of productive-aged people who bear the financial burden of elderly family members or called the sandwich generation, is increasing. So, if calculated, every 100 people of productive age (aged 15-59 years) must provide support for at least 17 elderly people.

"One way for Danamon to take part in increasing financial literacy is by providing financial literacy training, including for students. Financial literacy training for students is expected to provide knowledge of good and correct financial management and planning. Complex economic conditions and lifestyle changes from middle school students to university students or workers need to be addressed with wise financial management. Especially those who will continue to the workforce," Handriady concluded.



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