Anti Hassle Club with D-Bank PRO #SelaluMenggoda, Danamon Steals the Attention of the Resourceful Young Generations

Jakarta, 4 September 2023 - Changes in consumer behavior patterns and increasingly digital transactions have had a significant impact, especially for the resourceful younger generation. In an era of everdeveloping technology, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) as "Your Bank of Choice" presents innovative strategies to meet the needs of each generation of customers. Through technological development, Danamon proves its commitment to being a one stop financial solution provider by reintroducing D-Bank PRO, a mobile banking application that offers a variety of attractive features and benefits for young people who are smart and up to date.

Transactions that used to be done offline now have moved to digital and online platforms. Moreover, according to a study conducted by Jakpat, most mobile banking application users are Millennials and Gen Z, especially in the 23 to 34-year age range. Millennials and Gen Z have an important role in accessing banking and shaping the banking market in Indonesia today. Because they have unique characteristics, namely having a creative and careful way of thinking to overcome problems or being good at finding solutions or solutions.

“This conscientious generation has a unique habit of using mobile banking. They tend to use more than one application to compare prices of goods or services before making a transaction. They also look for maximum profits from every transaction they make. In addition, they tend to prefer digital banking services that offer features which make it easier for them to transact for various needs, such as transfers, investments to forex. They are also more adaptive to technology and multitasking in their work. As "Your Bank of Choice," Danamon continues to develop the D-Bank PRO mobile banking application as a strategy to improve service to customers because we have aspirations to continue to grow and provide financial solutions to customers," said Andreas Kurniawan, Chief Digital Officer of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

D-Bank PRO is a transformation of the previous version, namely D-Bank, and offers a fast, hasslefree user experience and the latest features that will meet the needs of customers who require a set of performance. With D-Bank PRO, Danamon hopes to attract the hearts of the smart and up to date young generation by providing convenience and attractive benefits for those who want to manage their finances. With the various features and benefits offered, D-Bank PRO can be a choice that always tempts the younger generation in managing their finances to achieve their targeted financial goals.

D-Bank PRO application provides features divided into five main categories, namely Comprehensive Daily Transactions, Credit Card Management, FX Transactions, Investment & Protection, and Account Information & Management. These features are designed to facilitate customers' various financial needs.

For the younger generation who often need anti-slow transactions due to their many daily needs, various features can be supported in the Comprehensive Daily Transactions category. Customers can make transfers to various banks online, transfers using the BI FAST feature, payments using QRIS, bill payments (water, gas, electricity, credit cards), purchases (e-wallet top-ups, data packages, credit), and withdrawals cardless cash. Don't forget, there is a cashback promo of up to IDR 1 million/month if transactions use QRIS at favorite merchants with a program period until January 31, 2024.

Apart from that, customers will get free admin fees when topping up their e-wallet with Danamon Save. From transactions carried out, customers can also monitor their financial cash flow with features in the Account Information & Management category such as checking balances and account mutations, downloading e-statements, updating customer profiles, blocking, or unblocking cards, changing PINs or passwords, activating or non-activation of biometric login.

On Credit Card Management category, this feature is to support the younger generation who are financially literate in managing their credit cards. Customers can change transactions into installments for up to 36 months with the My Own Installment feature, transfer the remaining credit card limit to an account with the Money Transfer feature, automatically pay credit cards bills, pay utilities bills with credit cards, connect credit cards to D-Bank PRO, activate cards credit, blocking or unblocking credit cards, changing PINs or credit card limits, even requesting additional credit card additions.

For customers who want to achieve financial goals by developing their assets while managing risks, there is a category of FX Transactions with daring benefits. On D-Bank PRO, customers can transfer foreign currencies to other banks – domestic and international, buy or sell foreign currencies up to 10 currencies (IDR, USD, JPY, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CHF, SGD , and CNH) with competitive exchange rates starting from only IDR 10,000, transaction features for ordering bank notes on the D-Bank PRO service for 5 currencies (USD, JPY, EUR, SGD, and AUD), features for sell-buy Forex at Danamon's special rates during trading hours, and market information features.

In addition, there is also the Investment & Protection category, where customers can place deposits, purchase bonds, and purchase vehicle insurance directly from the application with approval within 1x24 hours. With D-Bank PRO, customers can plan their future, manage finances easily, and carry out various transactions quickly and anti-hassle. Through a familiarization campaign that uses the #SelaluMenggoda tagline, Danamon hopes to attract a resourceful young generation to use D-Bank PRO as one of their preferred mobile banking applications in their daily lives.

"By focuing on technology development and commitment to customers, Danamon continues to innovate to meet the needs of an increasingly digital young generation. Danamon continues to strive to provide easiness, comfort, accessibility, and security that are always being improved for its customers. D-Bank PRO is clear evidence of Danamon's dedication in providing financial solutions that are relevant and up to date. So, let’s start switching to D-Bank PRO," concluded Andreas.




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