Danamon and the Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation Officially Launch a Digital Application to Support the Advancement of Education Through the Latest Digital Solutions Integrated with Banking Systems

Batam, 28 July 2023 — PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Danamon”) through its Sharia Business Unit (UUS) announced a strategic partnership with the Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation, to introduce various advanced educational solutions and programs designed to support educational institutions and stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and students. This partnership aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of regular school activities and operational processes through digital adoption, or better known as edutech.

On July 23, 2023, Danamon and Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation held a socialization and inauguration of the launch of the Rahmatan Digital Application belonging to the Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation in Provision of a Student Learning System for Daarut Tauhiid Batam School. The launch of this Digital Application reflects the commitment of the two organizations in overseeing educational transformation with the latest digital technology.

Through the launching of this digital application, Danamon is working with a digital partner, namely Pintro, which has provided strong support for the Rahmatan Digital Application belonging to the Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation with additional features that will provide a superior and integrated educational experience for students and their parents:

  • Sophisticated Teaching-Learning Capabilities: This collaboration introduces digitalization to several teaching and learning activities, including the collection of online assignments and management of students' study schedules and information on learning status including memorizing the Al-Qur'an. This innovation will change the way students, parents or guardians of students and teachers are involved in the teaching and learning process.
  • Strengthening Financial Management: To facilitate the financial obligations of students and parents, this cooperation presents special banking features. This feature allows students to open a Danamon account, pay school fees through a Danamon virtual account, plan financial needs for future education, and enjoy the convenience of top-up credit and e-money, as well as a variety of other services.

"Danamon is very pleased to be working with the Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation to present innovative digital solutions for its students. Through an edutech ecosystem approach like this, we hope to bring many positive impacts such as increasing digital and financial literacy for students and their parents, facilitating the teaching and learning process between students and teachers, and helping the entire school ecosystem in managing their financial needs. Danamon will continue to add strategic digital partnerships with various platforms and merchants as part of efforts to expand our capabilities and digital ecosystem," said Andreas Kurniawan, Chief Digital Officer, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

“Alhamdullilah, we are very pleased and happy with the support for our educational application from Danamon for schools in Batam, both elementary, middle, and high school. We hope that with this increase in educational applications, teaching, and learning activities within the Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation can be better not only for students, but also for parents and stakeholders. Hopefully with this service, it can really provide BAL (True, Accurate, Complete) information to parents, students, and all interested parties. Insya Allah, we will do this effort so that education at the Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation will be better, easier, and can be carried out professionally and with full sincerity so that it becomes a good deed for all of us," said Gatot Kunta Kumara, ST.MM as Chairperson Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation and Batam Daarut Tauhiid School.

On this occasion, Merci Santi Adriani as Sharia Funding Business Head, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk also added that this activity was the first step in cooperation between Danamon's Sharia Business Unit and Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation in helping students and guardians of students take control of their goals and financial needs.

"Through this collaboration, students and guardians of students can also take advantage of Danamon's Sharia products to help manage their obligations and financial needs, from paying school fees to planning the students' future education. Of course, we provide Sharia products and services with fund management that is transparent and in accordance with Islamic banking principles that prioritize shared values and avoid speculative activities in financial transactions so that customers can grow together with Danamon," said Merci.

Danamon is committed to supporting business partners and customers in taking control of all their financial needs and goals through a robust digital ecosystem. Danamon continues to invest in digital capabilities and transformation to provide a holistic banking experience that adapts to the times and advances in technology.

Through this collaboration, Danamon through the Sharia Business Unit (UUS) also intends to reaffirm its support to help the Daarut Tauhiid Rahmatan Lil' Aalamiin Foundation family customers to grow and prosper in a sustainable manner by providing timely information, insights, and financial solutions that according to their needs, such as infrastructure, digital banking, branding, and human resources and assist them in facing various challenges at every stage of life. This is in line with Danamon's vision to Care and Help Millions to Achieve Prosperity.




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