Anti-Mainstream Travelling in Japan Without Worrying About Your Wallet? It’s Not Impossible!

Jakarta, 22 July 2023 - Japan has always been one of the favorite tourist destinations for Indonesians with its strong mix of culture and increasingly sophisticated technology. Japanese tourist destinations are also widely reviewed in the media and social media. However, there are still many Japanese tourist destinations that are rarely known and visited by Indonesian tourists.

This was also approved by one of the well-known YouTubers in the country, Jerome Polin. This man is known for his YouTube channel called Nihongo Mantappu which shares his personal life as an Indonesian student in Japan. According to him, traveling is legal to come to touristy places or frequented by tourists, but apart from that you also must have the courage to try anti-mainstream things so that the traveling experience will be more memorable.

Jerome Polin explained that usually Indonesians often visit Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, even though there are many other cities that are no less interesting, such as Okinawa, Hiroshima, Nagoya, and Hokkaido. Because it was in these cities that Jerome Polin felt anti-mainstream traveling. An impressive experience for him was when he visited the atomic bomb site in Hiroshima, because seeing a place that was also a historical heritage made him feel something that cannot be explained in words. Apart from that, there is also a restaurant in Hokkaido where if you want to add ikura or salmon roe to a plate, you must shout, and the waiter will also scream too. According to Jerome Polin, things like this will become unforgettable stories after traveling home.

Then for Jerome, another important factor that must be determined to go to Japan is the season. If the goal is to see snow, then go in winter. If the goal is to see cherry blossoms, then go in the spring. To go in the summer, Jerome doesn't recommend it because summer in Japan is humid. Besides that, even though Japan is quite famous for its expensive food or tourist prices, Jerome Polin, who had lived in Japan for years, knew the trick to finding cheap food in Japan. Minimarkets are the choice if you want to find cheap and not boring food because there are so many choices there. Not only that, but Jerome also shared tricks for determining an itinerary and budget planning during a trip in Japan. Including how to save money during the trip and how expenses and income during the trip take place.

According to him, the key is to keep experience and expense in balance. “The important thing is a balance between fun and savings. If the activities are expensive, the food is cheap. For example, dinner is expensive, so for breakfast and lunch, choose something cheap," he said. One of the tricks to save on a budget while on vacation in Japan is, of course, by taking advantage of promos, both for plane tickets and lodging. The public can use promos and facilities from credit cards or loyalty programs from airlines.

This was also supported by Marlia Cuanda, Unsecured Product Specialist, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, at the DXPO Talks event with Jerome. "To keep our cash flow safe, just take advantage of the various features and benefits of credit cards. Don't forget to also prepare yourself for all eventualities with the right travel insurance," he advised.

For example, the Danamon JCB Precious Credit Card has a discount promo program to enter Tokyo Tower, and 1 free set menu at the JCB Platinum by Syaotai Biyori restaurant. This credit card also has a good exchange rate, so travelers don't have to bother exchanging money every time they want to make a transaction in Japan. Especially now that there is a one-minute approval from Danamon if you apply for a credit card online on the official Danamon website, all your travel needs will be easier.

When on vacation abroad insurance is indeed an important thing that must be considered, for the sake of a calm and comfortable vacation. PT Zurich Asuransi Indonesia Tbk (Zurich) and Danamon are collaborating to present a travel insurance product, Zurich Travel Insurance, which can protect your holiday moments.

"The protection benefits provided are very comprehensive. Starting from coverage for medical and emergency expenses, protection for damaged, lost, or stray luggage, to reimbursement for cancellation fees and changes to travel schedules. Not only are the benefits comprehensive, but the insurance package can be adjusted according to your type of trip, whether for business, adventure, relaxing on the beach, to staycation on a cruise ship. Protection can also be adjusted according to the number of trip participants, individual trips, two or one family, you can really choose the package that suits your needs to make it more economical too," explained Marlia.

Another tip is to maximize airline loyalty programs, especially those that work with credit cards. By exchanging loyalty points such as Garuda Miles from Garuda Indonesia, people can get various benefits, even up to free tickets for future use.

All these benefits can be enjoyed by the public by visiting various booths at the Danamon Travel Fair Supported by Garuda Indonesia, which is part of the DXPO by Danamon event at Central Park Mall, July 20-23, 2023.

Finally, according to Jerome, maintaining health is the main thing so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. “Don't forget to take your vitamins, get enough sleep, and don't forget to eat. Because only we understand ourselves,“ he concluded.



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