Millennials and Gen-Z Dream of Having an Aesthetic Home That Makes Money? It Can Be Realized with the Right Financial Solutions

Jakarta, July 22, 2023 - There is a spotlight on the difficulties of the younger generation in buying housing because rising property prices are not comparable to the current income of the younger generation. This condition is often a concern for the younger generation coupled with the expectation of their parents' generation that if you don't have a house, it means you haven't been successful. From this comes the demand for the younger generation to have a dream home. Like Agustinus Michel, who is famous as @paksugus on TikTok. He also believes that he, like the younger generation, really dreams of a dream residence for his small family. Of course, the design style that is in demand by the younger generation is a residence whose aesthetics match the character of the owner.

However, it doesn't stop there, Agustinus Michel believes that choosing a house is not just about aesthetics. "There are several basic factors that must be considered when you want to build a dream house, such as the type of residence, location, and budget," he said. First, in terms of housing, the younger generation must be able to see the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a residential type of house or apartment. Because both have differences in functionality, maintenance costs, electricity and water costs, security services, as well as health and recreation facilities available around the residence. Then the following factors are interconnected because the location will of course determine the budget, and vice versa. Indeed, choosing the right residence is not easy because there are so many references on social media that can be a preference. Therefore, Agustinus Michel suggested that every young family who is about to build their dream home must understand the needs and characteristics of their family.

Agreeing with Agustinus, Marizka Ellanda, National Secured Sales Head, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, also said that now is the right time for the younger generation to have their own housing. This is partly because now there are many developers who design their properties according to the tastes of the younger generation. According to him, for landed houses, many young people want houses in clusters, modern but minimalist, and the environment is small but homey. There are also those who want a smart home, which offers many conveniences due to technology such as lights that can be turned on and off by clapping, music that is controlled by voice commands, to an integrated security system. Plus, the increasing trend of Work from Home also makes the younger generation want a comfortable home for them to work in, for example with lots of open space to make it seem spacious.

In addition, he also suggested that the younger generation have the courage to commit to buying property now. Because, according to him, property prices will continue to rise, and if you only save money, it is possible that the savings plus interest will not be able to catch up with the coveted property price. In fact, he also believes that property can also be an investment, because a house that is already owned can be collateralized at any time if there is a sudden need, such as children's schooling, family falling ill, and so on.

Adding Marizka, Augustine also mentioned the importance of having your own home. “The key is a sense of belonging. People usually love their own things more because there is pride in being able to own those things. From there, we will be motivated to make our homes as aesthetic and comfortable as possible, so that we can even get profit from it," he said.

The tips for making an aesthetic house are, first to make a moodboard before buying a property. The contents can be taken from the internet or from social media, the important function is so that we can imagine the color and theme of the house we want. From there, we can determine what vendors or items to choose to fill our home so that it matches the theme and color, and so that it fits the budget we have.

According to him, it doesn't have to be all corners of the house to be deliberately made aesthetically pleasing, but if the colors are right, the items purchased are connected, the aesthetics will naturally be good. In fact, unconsciously we as residents will automatically equate ourselves with the aesthetics of the house. “A house can affect its inhabitants. Like me, now unconsciously even my clothes are the same color as my house. I believe that the house we design and build from the heart, the influence will be beyond even what we imagine," he said. But, he reminded, aesthetics and functionality must be balanced.

For him, a house has a personality and branding, and it must match the owner's branding and personality. Later, the process of building a house as an effort to find additional income can flow by itself, for example when we create content about our daily lives at home.

“During creating content, I became more sensitive to my own home. From there I was inspired to make the house iconic so many brands endorsed it. Then it becomes easier to market yourself and your own house to bring in cash, the capital is to use what is in front of our eyes, such as cellphones and social media," he added.

Marizka added, now there are many ways to make a house an additional source of income. Apart from being used as content and studios like Augustine, people can also choose to buy a shophouse, so a house can also be used as a place of business. So, the results of the business or content creation can later be used to pay for the house itself.

After determining the choice of house and its aesthetics, according to him, young people can also take advantage of bank cooperation with developers, such as Danamon which can help choose options that suit the wishes and needs of customers.

In addition to working with trusted developers and various attractive programs, Danamon also has a superior program, namely Danamon More Mortgages, where savings and mortgages synergize to benefit customers because mortgage interest is the same as savings interest. "So, the higher the balance in the account, the smaller the interest expense paid. Customers can also withdraw and deposit at any time because this is a savings account, not a deposit. Later, it will be netted off at the end of each month," he said.

This product, along with various other financial solutions, is in line with Danamon's aspirations to become a one-stop financial solution provider at every stage of a customer's life, and to help customers take control of all their financial needs and goals.



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