Den Dimas' Tips for Getting Closer to the Right Vehicle According to Your Financial Needs and Goals

Jakarta, 21 July 2023 - For people, especially in urban areas, owning a vehicle is not just a matter of social status. It is activities and access that encourage people to use private vehicles. Moreover, with the development of the automotive industry in Indonesia, people are presented with a wide choice of types and brands of vehicles. Therefore, the choice of vehicle must be considered carefully.

That's the suggestion of Den Dimas, a content creator in the automotive sector who has been active since 2015. He also shared that the first time he became a content creator focusing on automotive was because he fell in love with and was interested in the automotive world, both cars and motorbikes.

Den Dimas said that in choosing a first vehicle, there are many things to consider, including making sure the goals are clear before buying. Is the purpose of purchasing the vehicle for personal mobilization, investment, or even for other purposes? With our clear goals, of course, will affect the type and brand of vehicle to be purchased. 

For example, if the goal is for personal mobilization, you must find a suitable vehicle to take to work or hang out. So, what is considered is things that support mobility, such as saving fuel or not, engine capacity, and others. If the goal is for investment, it can be adjusted to taste, for example, classic or antique cars, whose resale value remains constant and even increases over time. Not only that, this automotive vlogger with nearly 1 million subscribers also explained that after setting a goal, there are other important points in determining the right vehicle, namely choosing the specs and character of a vehicle that suits our needs and preferences.

As an urban community that has many activities, there will be a need to have more than one vehicle. If you decide to buy a second vehicle, of course there are several things that must be considered, for example, the potential service fee that must be incurred which will be even greater in the future. Plus, the maintenance side as well as taxes and insurance from both cars. Of course, this will affect the suitability of the budget. Therefore, Den Dimas also explained that we must always take advantage of ongoing offers or discounts, so that our finances don't get messed up.

This opinion was agreed by Tommy Halim, Consumer Business Collaboration Head, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. According to him, buying a car is not only seen from the need for a vehicle, but also from our financial condition. Therefore, it is also important to think about choosing the right and trusted financing partner. Through the KPM Prima product, Danamon and Adira Finance partner to provide flexible financing solutions according to the capabilities and financial conditions of prospective buyers. For example, if you have large enough idle money, then the vehicle down payment can be larger so that the installments can be smaller so that it doesn't interfere with monthly cash flow. Or, you can also consider having a smaller down payment, but of course the monthly installments will be bigger.

The public can take advantage of various purchase and installment promos for both four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles, one of which is offered by Danamon through KPM Prima. In collaboration with Adira Finance, Danamon provides a special promo for its customers who wish to own a new or used vehicle during the DXPO by Danamon event at Central Park Mall, 20 - 23 July 2023.

During the DXPO, people can get a fixed 2.67% interest promo for a 2-year tenor. Not only light interest, KPM Prima also has a cashback promo of up to 1 million which will be given in the form of Adira Points for people who apply for vehicle loans at the KPM Prima Expo, and many other attractive offers. In addition to various offers, there are also instant approval facilities for submissions at the Adira Finance booth during the DXPO, and a Test Drive for new cars.

In commemorating its 67th anniversary, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Danamon") presents DXPO Talks by Danamon which will be held on 20-23 July 2023. With the theme GROWING TOGETHER at this year's anniversary, Danamon hopes to provide inspiration on how to manage and plan personal and family finances and through the DXPO Talks series of talk shows.

This is in line with Danamon's aspiration to become a one-stop financial solution provider at every stage of a customer's life and is appropriate to help customers take control of all their financial needs and goals. For complete information about this event and its promos, visit



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