Rius Vernandes' Great Move to Create Precious Moments with the Family: Maximize Benefits & Rewards!

Jakarta, 23 July 2023 - A culinary entrepreneur who is also a content creator, Rius Vernandes, talked about vacations to create precious moments with his family. Basically, Rius has a hobby of checking good deals for flight tickets. So, when there are good deals to destination countries that you really want to visit, he will order them right away without thinking. Because according to Rius, through vacation moments with his family he can usually enjoy quality time, experience new experiences in fun places, and create precious moments to remember. Rius Vernandes shares how to plan a vacation abroad with a comfortable family, especially when bringing your little ones.

As a content creator who often reviews flights for business class and first class, Rius is known to like traveling as a family and documenting them on his YouTube channel. He shared how to plan a vacation abroad together to stay safe with maximum comfort and benefits.

So that conditions are always prime during the holidays, parents also need to prepare the right vacation itinerary, not forgetting to also pay attention to adequate rest periods and mealtimes for their little ones. Furthermore, important items that need to be taken when traveling with your little one cannot be missed. Rius had an interesting experience while traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife and 1 year old child. He was shocked and amazed at the culture there which is very child-friendly, Copenhagen residents are so confident and feel safe leaving their children sleeping in strollers and being left alone in front of cafes or restaurants. It must be admitted, since getting married and having children, he and his wife prefer destinations that are child friendly.

Not only that, Rius, who has more than 800 thousand subscribers, also explained other important points in planning a trip, namely learning about reward points and miles. “From the first video, I wanted to educate people about the benefits of maximizing reward points and miles. Because I taught myself, and it turned out to be very profitable. I see that in Indonesia there are not many who discuss this matter, and I know that if you teach it using theory, it will not be interesting and boring. That's why I create content based on my experience," he explained.

According to him, the biggest expense items when traveling are airplane tickets and hotels. However, by using reward points and miles properly, it can be more efficient so that the money can be allocated for other items such as eating and shopping. “People see that I often travel, even though many of them come from benefits. I can also upgrade hotel rooms from regular to suites with reward points. This is important if, for example, we go with a nanny for the children, so we don't need to add hotel rooms because the rooms are automatically bigger,” Rius added.

Premium benefits, as Rius mentioned earlier, are generally provided by banks through the priority customer segment, which is usually accompanied by a credit card that also has premium features and benefits. One bank that also provides financial solutions to facilitate plans for traveling abroad with family is Danamon Privilege. Interestingly, the Danamon Privilege also provides benefits, there is one dedicated Relationship Manager for Danamon American Express Platinum Card holders. Rius Vernandes, who is a Danamon Privilege customer, has proven his specialty.

“This card is the only one in Indonesia that can give points for hotels. An example of the benefits, with this card, at that time I was able to upgrade to Gold Hilton Honor. My Relationship Manager is very helpful too. Then one of the features that I like is because the limit is not standard, it all depends on usage and how to pay. The limit can increase automatically because it follows our spending style. I like to get from spending bonuses, for example if you spend a certain amount in one year you can get 70,000 miles. Then if we refer to friends, we can get miles too. So many huh? This is all based on my own experience,“ he said.

Meliani Biantoro, Proposition Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, agrees with Rius' experience. “The benefits from Danamon are endless. By being a Danamon Privilege customer, there are various travel benefits beyond the Amex Platinum card.

Another benefit from the Amex Platinum Card is twice the membership rewards points for every IDR 2,500 shopping transaction, so that points can be collected faster which can be exchanged for airline miles and points from Marriott Bonvoy. In addition, get complimentary travel inconvenience insurance which includes baggage delays or lost baggage, flight delays or missed connection flights.

In addition, customers who have a hobby of going on vacation with their family can get extraordinary travel benefits. Namely, once they arrive at the destination country, Privilege customers can be picked up by Toyota Alphard cars at airports in Japan and Singapore because airport transfers are one of the services. So, with Danamon Privilege, customers can sit comfortably and be escorted to their destination.

Customers can also get a complimentary Japan Rail Pass which is a Green Pass for two people which can be used for public transportation in Japan, including the Shinkansen high-speed train. Danamon Privilege also has free travel insurance for two people with various destinations around the world. Even the most spectacular, customers can enjoy a private helicopter tour around Mount Fuji with their family.

Basically, Danamon wants to help Privilege customers to travel comfortably and safely. Danamon Privilege as a priority banking service also provides complete solutions with wealth advisory to develop wealth and protect assets from generation to generation. Another benefit is a free medical check-up every year, and for transactions with a Privilege debit card, you can get a ten percent cashback, "concluded the woman who is familiarly called Meli at the DXPO Talks event at Central Park Mall.




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