Towards Sustainable Ecosystem, Danamon Celebrates 67th Anniversary, by Donating 67 Electric Motorcycles

Jakarta, 13 July 2023 - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Danamon") celebrated its 67th anniversary with the theme "TUMBUH BERSAMA" which affirms Danamon's commitment to always be present and become an organization that focuses on the financial needs of customers, the growth of employees, and society at large. With a vision of care and enable millions to prosper, Danamon celebrated its 67th anniversary with the donation of 67 electric motorcycles to 15 Danamon’s partners.

The Indonesian government is currently promoting the adoption of electric motorcycles. Not without reason, this is because Indonesia is one of the largest motorcycle markets in the world with a very high number of motorcycle users. According to the page, the number of motorcycle users in Indonesia reached 119,865,038 units. By encouraging the adoption of electric motorcycles, the government hopes to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels used by internal combustion engine motorcycles.

"As part of the financial institutions that encourage the growth of the national automotive industry, Danamon supports the Government's electric motor adoption campaign. This commitment is translated into concrete action by providing electric motorcycles that can be rented by employees. The inaugural electric motorcycle rental project was conducted in collaboration with the Danamon Employees Cooperative Jakarta. The main objective is for employees to experience the use of electric motorcycles, thus encouraging the formation of an environmentally friendly lifestyle and work environment," said Herry Hykmanto, Director of Syariah & Sustainability Finance of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

Herry further explained that through the Danamon Peduli program, Danamon donated 67 electric motorcycles that can be used as operational vehicles, test drives, or rented to members and employees of each cooperative partner. Involving 15 Employee Cooperative partners in this campaign, Danamon hopes that this collaboration can expand the involvement of various parties to actively contribute in achieving net zero carbon emission.

"Although electric motorcycles have a relatively higher capital cost compared to regular motors, they offer better specifications, lower energy consumption and carbon emissions, purchase cost, and tax benefits. Electric motorcycle production in Indonesia is projected to reach 1.34 million units in 2021 and 11.8 million units in the future. We appreciate Danamon's step towards a more environmentally friendly future," said Mustar Kai, Chairman of Panasonic Gobel Employees Cooperative on behalf of Danamon's electric motorcycle donation partners.

The partnership between Danamon and Employee Cooperatives has been established for more than 20 years. During that period, more than 500 cooperatives have become partners and customers of Danamon. The cooperative, which celebrated its 76th anniversary on July 12, is also a strategic partner for Danamon in building a sustainable Indonesian economy.

The collaboration ceremony was held in a hybrid setting at Bank Danamon Tower on July 12, 2023, with the presence of Bank Danamon's Director of Syariah & Sustainability Finance, Chairman of Panasonic Employees Cooperative, Chairman of Kayaba Employees Cooperative, Chairman of Summi Rubber Cooperative, and Hexindo Employees Cooperative. Meanwhile, 11 other donation recipient cooperatives attended the symbolic donation through online setting.

"With this donation, Danamon hopes that this contribution can be a step forward to a sustainable ecosystem. The symbolic donation of electric motorcycles also reflects Danamon's commitment to reduce carbon emissions and encourage the use of clean energy. Through collaboration with cooperative partners, we hope this will pave the way for positive change towards a more sustainable future," Herry explained.

In addition to employees and customers, Danamon affirms its commitment to grow together with community partners who have supported sustainability programs, especially in the areas of access to education, health, and the environment. Danamon is committed to support sustainable business development through a number of initiatives in the Danamon Sustainable Ecosystem campaign. The campaign started internally within the company with the installation of solar panels and LED lights, the construction of electric vehicle charging stations in Danamon buildings, mangrove planting, and encouraging the use of sustainable products among employees.





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