Danamon Peduli Celebrates Ramadan, Shares Blessings

Jakarta, 20 April 2023, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Danamon"), celebrates Ramadan through its Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") program Danamon Peduli by sharing blessings with the community. Danamon engaged in various programs throughout this Ramadan season including "UMKM Lebih Berkah", which is a collaboration with Baziz DKI's "Semua Bisa Makan" (Everyone Can Eat) program supported by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, the Nusantara Water & Sanitation Program in Cianjur which is in partnership with Dompet Dhuafa, and free mudik transportation.

"The month of Ramadan has always been a special occasion for Indonesians, especially for our fellow Muslims. This year's religious observance, however, is even more remarkable because it is the first Ramadan since restrictions on community activities (PPKM) were lifted. Now, the community can once again gather for iftar, tarawih and other traditional activities. Through Danamon Peduli, Danamon also wants to celebrate Ramadan by extending blessings to more people through our various programs," said Abdul Hadi, Sustainability Finance Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

As part of the national MSME development strategy which focusing on digitalization, Danamon organized an awareness campaign on the use of QRIS for 150 culinary MSME partners of Baziz DKI in East Jakarta and South Jakarta through the UMKM Lebih Berkah program. This program encourages MSMEs to use the QR Code Indonesia Standard (QRIS) as a tool for online financial transactions, as well as increase public awareness on the advantages of digital banking and use of QRIS to facilitate payment transactions.

"One of the most anticipated activities during Ramadan is the anticipation of breaking the fast (ngabuburit) and the search for iftar snacks (takjil). Therefore, Danamon collaborated with Bazis DKI to distribute 10,000 iftar food coupons between 24 March to 19 April 2023. We hope that the coupons distributed to people in need can assist in increasing income for participating culinary MSMEs," Hadi explained.

On top of these Ramadan activities, Danamon also pursued its Nusantara Water & Sanitation Initiative in Cianjur in cooperation with Dompet Dhuafa. This development is part of the Nusantara Water & Sanitation Program that has been ongoing since 2021. In November 2022, together with MUFG and Adira, Danamon responded to earthquake disasters by building earthquake-friendly housing plus bathing and washing facilities (MCK) in several locations.

"Almost four months after the 5.6 SR earthquake in Cianjur, clean water supply is still a major issue in the affected areas due to the destruction of previous water source facilities and lack of clean water. To prepare for the dry season, Danamon built wells and clean water reservoirs in three locations in Cianjur, specifically SMK Ilmina Persada and SMP Putra Rahayu (location of Earthquake-Friendly Housing (Hunian Ramah Gempa 2022), and another new location at Kampung Pangkalan RT02/RW06 Benjot Village, Cugeunang District," said Hadi.

The inauguration event held on 14 April 2023 at SMO Putra Rahayu was attended by employee who incorporated in Danamon volunteers to worked together with the local community. Activities included painting, socialization of Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS), health checks, tree-planting around the program area, and gift-giving to the community.

Eid observance is surely incomplete without the annual homecoming tradition (mudik). Following the removal of restrictions on community activities (PPKM), a significant increase in the number of people going home for Eid al-Fitr 2023 has been expected. Danamon Peduli has prepared free transportation for the community in collaboration with the Gobel Group Employees Cooperative and Kayaba Indonesia Employees & Family Welfare Cooperative, which are two large cooperative partners of Danamon.

"The resumption of the homecoming tradition that was suspended during the pandemic certainly makes this year’s homecoming exodus something to look forward to. As a company that cares about the community, Danamon understands the importance of safety throughout the homecoming journey. Therefore, this free homecoming transportation program is expected to help reduce the risk of road accidents during the Eid al-Fitr 2023 celebration. Hopefully this free homecoming transportation program can provide convenience and blessings for the community," Hadi concluded.

For the free homecoming (mudik gratis) program, Danamon has prepared six buses that will depart to Yogyakarta and Central Java for employees and families of the two cooperatives on 19 & 20 April 2023. The release of KOPKAR Panasonic Gobel homecoming participants was attended by Herry Hykmanto as Director of Syariah & Sustainability Finance PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk who was accompanied by Abdul Hadi.





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