Danamon Scores Double 'Hattricks' in Two Prestigious Human Resources Awards

Jakarta, 04 November 2022PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon), again won six awards from two prestigious events, one of which is at the Asian level, for outstanding achievements in developing and maintaining high quality Human Resources (HR).

At the Human Resources Excellence Awards held on 15 September 2022, Danamon won three awards: 

  • Excellence in Employer Branding — Gold Rank
  • Excellence in Work-Life Harmony — Bronze Rank
  • Young HR Talent of the Year for Dhanu Koentoro Djati (Learning Partner, Danamon) — Silver Rank

Danamon performed better in this year’s event compared to 2021 when it received two distinctions at this award.

“This is a very important achievement for us, especially in a highly competitive industry. This is due to the collaboration and synergy among Danamoners (a term of endearment for Danamon employees) who have contributed to the company's success as a leader in building quality human resources in Indonesia,” said Heriyanto Agung Putra, Human Capital Director, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

The Excellence in Employer Branding title is given to organizations considered to be well-known corporate brands and able to compete for the best human resources. Whereas the title of Excellence in Work-Life Harmony is rewarded to organizations committed to improving quality of life and HR professionalism as a vital part of business continuity.

On an individual level, Danamon’s Learning Partner, Dhanu Koentoro Djati was recognized as one of the Young HR Talents of the Year who has great potential to become a future HR leader.

“This award would not have been achieved without support from the Bank and my fellow Danamoners. I will continue to innovate, work and collaborate to build the best human resources for Danamon," said Dhanu.

Dhanu also received a similar award from another prestigious event, the Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards held on 17 August 2022. His award came with two other honors received by Danamon. Overall, the Bank bagged the following distinctions:

  1. Best Employer Brand Award
  2. Award for Excellence in Training
  3. Young HR Professional of the Year (Dhanu Koentoro Djati)

The Best Employer Brand award recognizes organizations that have succeeded in aligning the company's brand with the values of the organization and employees, while Excellence in Training commends innovative programs in training and development that contribute to organizational success. Lastly, the Young HR Professional of the Year identifies outstanding young leaders who have successfully embraced change and innovation.

Danamon’s Commitment to the Continuous Development and Improvement of the Quality, Capability and Welfare of Human Resources Based on Danamon Values

Danamon's commitment to HR development is the key to Danamon's achievements, competitiveness, and sustainability as a company, starting with the recruitment process to create a generation of banking HR characterized by professionalism, competitiveness, and integrity, in line with the Danamon values of Collaboration, Integrity, Customer-Centric and Adaptive (Berkolaborasi, Integritas, Sigap Melayani dan Adaptif (BISA)). 

Through Collaboration, employees, commonly referred to as Danamoners, are expected to harmonize diversity as a strength to achieve common goals. With Integrity, Danamoners can prioritize professionalism, openness, responsibility, and ethics as constant guides for their performance. Customer-centricity encourages all Danamoners to provide the best service quickly, swiftly and accurately. Adaptiveness enables Danamoners to always adjust and pursue their potential to be the best version of themselves. These values serve as guidelines for performing and carrying out duties and obligations followed by all Danamoners, from employees and management to directors and board of commissioners.

To obtain the best human resources for maintaining competitiveness and sustainability, Danamon offers an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) known as "Let's GROW". This consists of the following:

  • Global exposure: Danamon is committed to offer global exposure and work experience through business collaboration and knowledge-sharing of best business practices. These drive innovation which in turn supports sustainable growth.
  • Rise to excellence: Danamon aspires to build a supportive and collaborative work environment that inspires Danamoners to generate new ideas and make significant contributions through outstanding performance.
  • Own your future: Danamon encourages the professional and individual growth of all Danamoners through various career development opportunities.
  • Health and well-being: The company supports and cares for the health and well-being of Danamoners, as well as communities.

“We aspire to be the company of choice for work, and one that is highly regarded by our customers, employees, shareholders, regulators and communities where we operate. To that end, Danamon continuously invests and builds a culture that is conducive for achieving our goals and encouraging collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to create meaningful contributions where they are most needed. Danamon firmly believes that high quality human resources is one of the top essential assets for the company, society and the country,” concluded Heriyanto.




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