To commemorate its 66th Anniversary, Danamon Employees and the Community Plant  10,000 Mangroves to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Denpasar, 16 Juli 2022 – PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Danamon” or “the Bank”) today conducted its  2022 Danamon Peduli Environmental Care activity in the Bali Nusra region by planting 10,000 mangrove trees in collaboration with Prapat Agung Mengening Fishermen Group Patasari Kuta, UPTD Tahura Ngurah Rai and the Denpasar Housing, Settlement and Land Office. With the participation of its employees and the local community, Danamon also initiated the construction of a city park in Bali’s Kuta area.

As part of the MUFG family, Danamon is committed to achieve net zero emissions in its operations. For this purpose, Danamon proactively implements various measures to reduce carbon emissions. These include the installation of solar panels in Danamon buildings, introduction of easy and affordable financing program for solar panel installation for the Bank’s employees and the community, and estimation and regulation of greenhouse gas emissions by the entire group which includes its subsidiary Adira Finance. By the end of fiscal year 2021, Danamon and Adira Finance successfully reduced emissions by 24.6 % from 2019 equivalent to 45.3K CO2e metric tons. Danamon's efforts in supporting sustainable development programs have also been recognized by the Green Building Council Indonesia which awarded the bank with the Green Building Platinum Certificate in March this year.

“All these efforts are based on the understanding that Indonesia’s current green transition trends will continue to grow along with increasing awareness of the wide range of environmental problems caused by various business and community activities. Moving forward, Danamon’s strategy is in line with Indonesia’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2060 as it expects growing interest from both public and business players to invest in the country’s renewable energy. Danamon remains committed to continuously support sustainable business development, including the availability and accessibility of environmentally friendly technology through synergies with the community,” said I Gusti Agus Indrawan, Regional Head for Bali Nusra of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.

#BersamaBersinergi, Fulfilling Emission Reduction Commitments

Under the specific theme “Danamon's Contribution in Reducing Carbon Emissions by Planting Trees”, today’s activity manifests the spirit of #BersamaBersinergi as the overarching theme of Danamon's 66th Anniversary. Danamon, together with the government, community and employees join hands and collaborate to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gas effects.

Agus adds: “Danamon is committed to supporting sustainable business development by reducing negative environmental and social impacts resulting from businesses and their related activities and operations. We actively find solutions to global environmental problems through improvement of our business activities and complying with applicable laws and regulations."

The year 2022 marks a turning point for Indonesia’s economic revival and resurgence of optimism after the uncertainty and challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. For Danamon, its 66th anniversary represents a significant achievement. This long journey attests to Danamon's commitment in providing excellent financial and banking services to Indonesians. Even during the pandemic. Danamon has always offered the best products and services to customers and communities in accordance with its values of Berkolaborasi, Integritas, Sigap Melayani dan Adaptif (Collaboration, Integrity, Customer Centric and Adaptive - BISA).

It is precisely for this reason that Danamon chose #BersamaBersinergi for this year's anniversary theme. This theme appropriately describes Danamon's long journey which would not have been possible without collaboration and synergy from all parties to achieve its vision of Caring and Helping Millions of People to Prosper. With employees, customers and communities as the central focus, the theme emphasizes Danamon's commitment to constantly provide financial solutions for individuals and corporations. Being "Your Bank of Choice", Danamon has become a loyal partner that is true to its brand promise of providing financial solutions enabling customers to take control of their financial needs and goals.

Through its Danamon Peduli CSR program, the Company actively campaigns for carbon emission reduction through initiatives and collaborations with respective communities where it operates. These activities involving employees and other stakeholders, in accordance to the Danamon Peduli Lingkungan programs aimed at improving economic welfare, as well as social and environmental quality. These programs also encourage communities and employees to take an active role in resorting to renewable energy, such as installing solar panels.

Danamon Peduli invites all employees, commonly called Danamoners, to volunteer as carbon emission fighters by actively participating in carbon emission reduction initiatives, such as: minimizing usage of electricity, water and paper in the work environment; installing solar panels in the office buildings and in private residences; and volunteering and engaging communities for social activities such as planting mangrove and other beneficial trees.

"In line with the spirit of #BersamaBersinergi, Danamon will continuously focus on collaborative efforts with employees and different sectors of society by synergizing various programs that reduce carbon emissions, fast-track digitalization and support community welfare," concluded Agus


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