Danamon and PT BNP Paribas Asset Management Welcome Economic Growth Momentum, Present Investment Solution BNP Paribas IDX Growth30 Mutual Fund Index

Jakarta, Monday 25 April 2022 - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) collaborates with PT BNP Paribas Asset Management (PT BNP Paribas AM) to officially launch a new mutual fund index, BNP Paribas IDX Growth30, as an alternative investment solution for Danamon customers. This product fully replicates the contents of the IDX Growth30 Index of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) which measures the performance of 30 stocks that have stock price growth trends relative to net profit and revenue with high trading liquidity and fundamentals.


“BNP Paribas IDX Growth30 is an investment product that aligns with Danamon’s brand promise that helps customers to take control in managing their needs and financial objectives. This product is an investment option for our customers that offers ease and transparency in monitoring performance, and provides an opportunity to optimize or diversify their portfolios. The launch of this product and collaboration between Danamon and PT BNP Paribas AM are most timely in helping our customers catch the growth momentum and invest in shares of high performing companies with high liquidity,” explains Consumer Business Head PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, Lanny Hendra.  


PT BNP Paribas AM Maya Kamdani adds, “The mutual funds index provides investors with the convenience of monitoring the movement of stock constituents in a transparent and efficient manner. This transparency and efficiency make this index mutual fund increasingly popular among novice investors. Moreover, the use of the IDX Growth30 index as a reference for BNP Paribas IDX Growth30 also opens opportunities for investors to seize opportunities in facing the Indonesian economic cycle which is currently entering a growth phase. With the presence of BNP Paribas IDX Growth30 throughout Danamon's distribution network, we hope to expand access for investors to benefit from this growth through this index mutual fund.”


The screening and stock picking process of the mutual fund index are processed by the index provider, in this case the IDX, through liquidity, fundamental conditions, and diversification approach which provides added benefits for investors in managing their investment portfolios. Also, the ease and transparency in monitoring performance and growth trends, as well as the potential participation in the new economy make the mutual fund index an attractive solution for investors who wish to start investing in the capital market, as well as those interested in diversifying their portfolio.


The BNP Paribas IDX Growth30 is ideal for customers with medium to long-term goals and have disposable income set aside for investment.


For more information on the various Danamon and PT BNP Paribas AM mutual fund index products, visit: bdi.co.id/reksadanaindex.