Digital Solutions Cooperation Between Danamon Sharia and Perbamida (Association of Local Government-Owned Banks in Indonesia)

JAKARTA, October 15 2021 - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) through Danamon Sharia formalized its partnership with the Association of Local Government-Owned Banks in Indonesia (Perbamida) for digital banking solutions benefitting all Perbamida-member BPR customers in Indonesia. 

Danamon Sharia and Sustainable Finance Director Herry Hykmanto signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Perbamida Head Muhammad Sigit at the Ballroom PO Hotel Semarang, Central Java, Friday, 15 October 2021.
Present during the MoU signing were Deputy Director for Supervision of Financial Services Institutions of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) for the Central Java Region and DIY U'un Ilyana, Economic Outlook speaker Wisnu Wardhana, Perbamida-member directors from 35 BPR areas in Central Java, and BPR representatives of other areas. 


"We are proud to work with Perbamida in providing Digital Solution and Cash Management Services that facilitate operational activities safely and in accordance with health protocols. We sincerely appreciate the encouraging response from Perbamida colleagues and hope to provide wider benefits in the future," said Herry Hykmanto.
“Following the spirit of growing together through collaboration, Danamon Sharia supports BPRs, including those of its communities, particularly the traditional market, so they can support the MSME’s regular economic activities through their required digital solutions. This goal also runs parallel to Danamon's vision of caring and assisting millions of people achieve prosperity.”

"Being part of MUFG, which is a global financial group considered the largest bank in Japan and one of the world's leading financial institutions, boosts Danamon’s strength, expertise and network to serve our customers and realize long-term value and interest for all stakeholders," Herry Hykmanto added.
Amid the economic challenges brought about by the pandemic, the government issued directives regarding the adoption of new protocols that balance and maintain productivity and health. 

Most activities of BPRs and traditional market communities still rely on manual records and cash (payments and change). Innovative solutions enable BPRs and traditional markets to conduct their activities conveniently, safely, and with better control and practicality.
“IT development demands the availability of services similar to commercial banks but with the amount of investment and governance aligned with the capabilities of each BPR/BPRS. This partnership, which is based on the spirit of mutual benefit, effectiveness and efficiency, aims to improve digital services for BPRs owned by regional governments throughout Indonesia, "said Muhammad Sigit.

During the MoU signing event, OJK also expressed its support for the Danamon Sharia and Perbamida partnership since it runs parallel to OJK’s goal of accelerating digital transformation in banking through synergy and collaboration.
Danamon Sharia hopes that this partnership signifies a long-term synergy with Perbamida, including its members, and further supports Indonesia’s path to economic recovery.


For more information please contact:
Lily Puspasari 
Chief Marketing Officer 
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