Bank Danamon Anticipates Investment Growth, Launches 3 Additional Mutual Fund Products With Ashmore

Jakarta, October 8 2021 - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) and PT Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia Tbk (Ashmore) this day unveiled three (3) additional mutual fund investment solutions.

Among these investment solutions includes an opportunity for customers to invest in technology stocks that are expected to add dynamism in the Indonesian Stock Market which has already experienced significant developments due to the inclusion of several unicorn technology companies. These technology-based digital stocks increase investment options while expanding the Indonesian capital market landscape alongside world capital market trends. The other two investment solutions offer low volatility mutual fund products that minimize risks to the customer investment portfolio. All three mutual fund products complement current investment products that offer solutions matching customers' financial needs and goals.

The additional mutual fund investment solutions, which refer to Ashmore Dana Ekuitas Nusantara (ADEN), Ashmore Dana Obligasi Unggulan Nusantara (ADOUN) and Ashmore Dana Pasar Uang Nusantara (ADPUN), complement two current products previously launched by Danamon and Ashmore last November 2020.

Through ADEN, customers invest in large cap stocks or blue chips with attractive valuations that emphasize on the “new economy” and digital stocks. ADEN features semi-annual dividend distribution aimed at obtaining long-term capital gain through equity securities offered or traded in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

ADOUN provides investors a choice of fixed income mutual fund products with maintained volatility through investments in government bonds with short portfolio durations. With dividends distributed on a monthly basis, ADOUN aims to gain long-term profits by investing in debt securities.

The third mutual fund introduced, ADPUN, offers a choice of money market mutual fund products that have high liquidity through investments in 100% money market instruments and/or debt securities issued by the Indonesian government and/or companies. These have maturities of less than a year.

“The additional three mutual fund products, namely ADEN, ADOUN and ADPUN, will further strengthen Danamon's partnership with Ashmore and complement those that are currently offered, particularly the Ashmore Dana Progresif Nusantara (ADPN) and Ashmore Dana Obligasi Nusantara (ADON). All five (5) products feature transfer facilities which enable customers to make transfers among all Ashmore mutual fund products," said Bank Danamon Consumer Business Head Lanny Hendra.

“Indonesia has a large population with high Internet usage level. Worldwide technological disruptions will greatly result to social changes while presenting opportunities for technology-based companies. Recognizing economic growth’s increasing dependence on the technology sector’s dynamic developments which present potential investment opportunities in the Indonesia Stock Exchange, we believe that our philosophy on active investment and focus on added value can provide alternative investments for our customers," said PT Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia Tbk Director Arief Wana.
Bank Danamon hopes to constantly strengthen its partnership with Ashmore to ensure customers can optimize the next wave of investments and digital economy parallel to Indonesia’s post-pandemic economic recovery.


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PT Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia Tbk.

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About PT Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia Tbk
PT Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia Tbk (the “Company”) is an Indonesia-based investment management and advisory company established in 2012.  It became the first investment management company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2020.
 The Company is a subsidiary of Ashmore Investment Management Limited (AIML). It’s parent company Ashmore Group Plc, which also became a public-listed company in 2006, is one of the world's leading investment managers in emerging markets. As of June 2020, Ashmore Group has been managing US$ 83.6 billion in funds with various investment themes including fixed income, stocks and other alternative investment options.
 Since its establishment in 2012, the Company has launched 18 (eighteen) Mutual Funds that are publicly traded. It also manages Fund Management Contracts (KPD) and has an actively managed Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). In 30 June 2020, the Company, either directly or through selling agents, had a combined reach of at least 25,000 customers across various investment themes. In that same period, the Company's managed funds reached Rp22.7 trillion.