Bank Danamon Conducts Phase II Vaccination in Sleman

JAKARTA, September 15 2021 - Amid concerted efforts to rise and overcome the challenges of the pandemic, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Danamon”), through Danamon Peduli, conducted the second phase of mass vaccination for public market merchants. During the vaccination drive held at GOR Pangukan Sleman, D.I Yogyakarta, Bank Danamon also distributed face recognition temperature scanners, face masks and vitamins to Bank Sleman partners.
Bank Danamon Director of Sharia & Sustainability Finance Herry Hykmanto handed over the donated health and safety items to Bank Sleman President Director Muhammad Sigit, SE., M.Sc.

Public markets have been affected by the pandemic and remains vulnerable to the possible spread of the coronavirus. In recognition of the public markets’ importance to the livelihood of the informal sector, Bank Danamon emphasized their health and safety as one of the priorities to prevent further spread of COVID-19.  
"The second phase of the vaccination program, which starts today September 15, follows the initial vaccination drive conducted for Sleman public market merchants. Bank Danamon brings the vaccination drive to the merchants’ convenience in the hope of increasing their safety and well-being so they will be fully vaccinated when serving customers,” said Herry Hykmanto.

 In collaboration with Kimia Farma and Bank Sleman, Danamon’s first phase of the vaccination drive for public market merchants took place last August 2021 at the Guna Denggung Multipurpose Building, Prambanan Market, and Belut Godean Culinary Market in Sleman, Yogyakarta. These corporate social responsibility activities in Sleman were significant since Danamon used the Gotong Royong vaccine for the first time.

Aside from vaccinations, Danamon also distributed vitamins and face masks to maintain the community’s health and encourage Healthy Banking for Communities with the theme 'Merdeka dari Covid” (Free from Covid).

“Under the Healthy Banking for Communities program, Danamon extends its support to the market community by donating face recognition temperature scanners and information system for employee and company health, plus vitamins and face masks for PT BPR Bank Sleman employees. Danamon aims to instill discipline among all parties in observing safety precautions to maintain a healthy corporate environment," Hery Hykmanto added.

In addition to the Healthy Banking for Communities program, Danamon also supports the digitalization process of payments at the Juara market in Bandung City and Sleman Market. This is done by encouraging digital collection of public market levies and use of QRIS for non-cash transactions which can contribute to a safe and convenient public market environment, especially during this pandemic.