Danamon Digital Solution D-BilLink Simplifies Management of Routine Bills

A practical and efficient solution for the community to manage bills and accept regular payments.

Jakarta, September 1 2021  – PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Danamon") has made it easy for customers, especially managers or proprietors of ecosystems, to efficiently manage and receive routine payments through its latest digital innovation, D-BilLink. As a digital solution service optimizing management of business transactions, it provides utmost convenience in managing payments especially at an opportune time when the pandemic requires practical, fast and secure financial services.

D-BilLink's comprehensive services help assist in managing and accepting payments between ecosystem owners or managers and their constituents. With the D-BilLink application, owners and managers of business ecosystems, including educational institutions, apartments/flats/boarding houses, commercial or housing properties, BPR, Savings and Loan Cooperatives and shopping or retail center operators, can easily and accurately manage bills and accept payments from constituents within the same ecosystem. 

“D-BilLink represents our continuous efforts to improve quality services that allow customers more control. This mainly enables ecosystem owners or managers to easily monitor, manage and conduct business transactions quickly, accurately and efficiently,” said Danamon Deputy President Director Michellina Triwardhany.


The launch of D-BilLink forms part of Danamon's digital infrastructure development program in celebration of its 65th anniversary last July 16.

Ease in managing payments

D-BilLink provides full features to manage all types of bills and accept payments from ecosystem constituents wherein all their data, payment history, billing status and complete accurate reports are available in one place. Since D-BilLink is also connected to the National Payment Gateway (GPN), ecosystem constituents can make payments from any bank in Indonesia.

Easy access and comprehensive features

The D-BilLink application can be accessed anywhere via PC or laptop with a stable network connection. Comprehensive and customizable features of the D-BilLink system enable ecosystem managers or owners to have easy control over payments to meet their respective needs. Customers can group ecosystem constituents into a maximum of 4 sub-levels for one-time or recurring auto debit or manual debit. A penalty scheme can be automatically calculated and applied if needed. Customers can also set each type of bill’s amount and coverage period, or change the bill in the middle of the current period to download and upload data mechanisms for simplified operations.

Trusted security system
D-BilLink is registered and approved by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Every D-BilLink system activity resulting to data changes (new data, edit, transaction request) is executed in Dual Control mechanism (Maker - Approver) while every user activity performed is recorded in the User Activity Log that can be displayed any time. All reports related to user billing status, payment records  and reports of all transactions accepted can also be viewed and withdrawn from the system in real-time.
D-BilLink reaffirms Danamon's commitment to be a reliable banking partner for entrepreneurs and corporations in developing their businesses, and continuously provide the best and most up-to-date services, especially for business customers and ecosystem managers coming from various related sectors.