Supporting Efforts to Accelerate Community Immunity and Regional Economic Growth during the Pandemic

Bank Danamon supports campaign for herd immunity to fasttrack regional economic growth.

Jakarta, August 25 2021  – Under the theme of ‘growing through collaboration’, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Danamon”) through efforts of Danamon Peduli, launched a vaccination program for market traders as part of a series of events commemorating Danamon's 65th anniversary which also coincides with Indonesia’s 76th Independence Day celebrations. The traditional markets serve as a pillar of the economy and a source of livelihood for large communities. These, however, also act as a potential cluster for spreading COVID-19 so Danamon believes that traditional markets require special attention to break the pandemic chain. This vaccination program was launched at Jakarta’s Pasar Senen on August 12-13, followed by Pasar Cihaurgeulis and Pasar Baltos in Bandung on August 20-21, and then in the Denggung Multipurpose Building of Prambanan Market and the Godean Eel Culinary Market in the Sleman area, Yogyakarta on August 25 – 27.

“The vaccination program for traders signifies our concern for the community, especially in the traditional markets. This is a concrete manifestation of our support for the government in handling Covid-19, especially concerning speeding up its vaccination program. We hope that this vaccination drive can help accelerate immunity among the community of traders, so they can resume their activities safely and help revive the local economy. By maintaining health and safety of traditional markets, we can protect the environment so traders can comfortably perform their activities while still observing health protocols. By working together and collaborating, Danamon believes we can all rise and grow during this difficult time,” said Danamon Sharia & Sustainability Finance Director Herry Hykmanto.

Through its program components of ‘My Clean and Healthy Market’ and disaster preparation / response, Danamon Peduli implemented a community vaccination program for traders composed of approximately 3,250 doses of vaccine from Indonesia’s Ministry of Health distributed in 6 target implementation areas. This program was also supported by the Healthy Living Community Movement (GERMAS), regional government through the local health service, PD Pasar Jaya, Jakarta Kolaborasi, PT Bio Farma, PT Kimia Farma, PD Pasar Jaya, BPR Bank Sleman, Perumda Pasar Champion Bandung City, Perumda BPR Bank Bandung and other stakeholders.

In collaboration with Kimia Farma and Bank Sleman, Danamon this day organized a series of vaccination activities for market traders at the Denggung Multipurpose Building, Prambanan Market, and the Godean Eel Culinary Market in Sleman, Yogyakarta. These corporate social responsibility activities in Sleman were significant since Danamon used the Gotong Royong vaccine for the first time.



PT Kimia Farma Diagnostika (KFD) Plt. President Director Agus Chandra states,”the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. and PT BPR Bank Sleman in the form of vaccination for traditional market traders in Sleman align with the government's efforts to accelerate the goal of communal immunity (herd immunity).
"We appreciate and support the combined Danamon and Bank Sleman CSR program which is supported by the Sleman regency through the Mutual Cooperation Vaccination [VGR] for traditional market traders. As a meeting place for sellers and buyers, the traditional market’s activities can run smoothly to revive the economy while maintaining immunity of traders," he said.

KFD provides health service facilities (fasyankes) in the implementation of VGR for Sleman traditional market traders. As a subsidiary of PT Kimia Farma Tbk., KFD offers health services through 422 clinics and 73 laboratories manned by 1,200 doctors and 3,300 nurses located throughout Indonesia.
Agus Chandra emphasized that KFD is prepared to provide Mutual Cooperation Vaccination services to business entities/companies, including VGR for CSR activities such as those organized by Danamon and Bank Sleman for Sleman traditional market traders.

“This day, we are proud to collaborate with Danamon and Kimia Farma in their CSR program for the Covid-19 vaccination benefitting market traders. This activity assists efforts of the Sleman Regency Government in accelerating the Covid-19 vaccination and regional economic recovery during the pandemic. Bank Sleman appreciates efforts to improve immunity of market traders and would like to extend gratitude to other supporting entities, namely the Sleman Regency Government, OJK DIY, Sleman Police, Disperindag, health office and other participating parties," said Bank Sleman President Director Muhammad Sigit, SE., M. Si.

Bank Sleman has currently partnered with more than 18 traditional markets in the Sleman Regency through savings, credit and market levies payment services. Several CSR activities related to the pandemic that have been conducted by Bank Sleman include distribution of face masks, hand sanitizers, Covid-19 educational materials, PPEs and hand washing facilities. Additional PPEs will also be delivered to PMI Sleman Branch to help protect more members of the community during this pandemic.
During the launch of the Sleman vaccination program, Sleman Regent, Dra. Hj. Kustini Tri Purnomo expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Bank Danamon and Bank Sleman’s CSR vaccination activities for the community. The Regent further stressed his hopes for quick realization of herd immunity for the community based on the active participation and contribution of businesses and the general public



Apart from vaccination drives, Danamon also supports the market community through its ‘Healthy Banking for Communities’ program under the theme 'Merdeka dari Covid’ (Free from Covid). Through the Healthy Banking for Communities program, Danamon also supports the digitalization process of payments at the Juara market in Bandung City and Sleman Market. This is done by encouraging digital collection of public market levies and use of QRIS for non-cash transactions which can contribute to a safe and convenient public market environment, especially during this pandemic. Danamon also distributed vitamins and face masks to encourage and maintain health and safety of the market community.

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