Danamon and Manulife Asset Management Indonesia Welcome Economic Recovery with 3 Investment Solutions

• Danamon offers new investment options for its customers through mutual fund products MANSYAF, MANUFIX and MPB II.
• With MANSYAF, Danamon customers can enjoy investment opportunities in various Islamic stocks throughout various countries within the Asia Pacific region.
• MANUFIX and MPB II offer US dollar and Rupiah investment opportunities in the Indonesian bond market.


Jakarta,  April 16 2021 — PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Danamon") this day kicked off a marketing campaign for three mutual funds managed by PT Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia ("MAMI"), namely Manulife Shares Syariah Asia Pacific US Dollar (MANSYAF), Manulife USD Fixed Income (MANUFIX) and Manulife Monthly Income II (MPB II).

Danamon Deputy President Director Michellina Triwardhany explains: “Amid the optimistic recovery of the global and national economy, Danamon provides banking services through various investment products that meet customers' financial goals. The offering of these 3 mutual fund products further strengthens Danamon's partnership with MAMI, particularly complementing current mutual fund products currently provided. We hope that this collaboration helps customers determine the appropriate product to match their financial goals.”

MAMI President Director Afifa states: “MANSYAF mutual funds can be an attractive investment option for Danamon customers who want to invest in US dollars while taking advantage of investment opportunities in various diversified Islamic stocks in various countries in the Asia Pacific region outside Japan. MANSYAF offers the opportunity to invest in the new economy, especially in the technology sector and its derivatives such as 5G internet, microchips, electric car batteries, e-commerce, and other similar segments. As we know, the adoption of technology in the future will increase and accelerate, and become prevalent in all areas of life, both business and social. Meanwhile, the MANUFIX and MPB II mutual funds offer attractive investment opportunities in the Indonesian bond market.”

Furthermore, Afifa explains that investment opportunities in MANUFIX and MPB II. MANUFIX focuses on short tenor bonds with a portfolio duration of under three years. MANUFIX, which is a fixed income mutual fund with Indonesian government bonds denominated in US dollar as underlying assets, can be an alternative to developing US dollar funds in the midst of low US dollar deposit rates. Indonesian government bonds denominated in US dollars have become increasingly attractive amid the Fed's low interest rate policy and high interest from foreign investors in US dollar-denominated bonds which still provide positive yields.

Meanwhile, MPB II mutual funds can be a suitable investment format for investors who need more defensive investment instruments amid increasing market volatility. MPB II is a fixed income mutual fund with a short portfolio duration and has the potential to pay monthly dividends.
In addition to MANSYAF, MANUFIX, and MPB II, there are five other MAMI-managed mutual funds available at Danamon, namely: Manulife Bonds Negara Indonesia II (MONI II) fixed income mutual fund, Manulife Mixed Fund (MDC), plus three other equity mutual funds Manulife Shares Andalan (MSA), Manulife Dana Saham (MDS), and Manulife Syariah Sector Amanah (MSSA).

With the support of MUFG, as the major shareholder and one of the largest financial institutions in the world, Danamon can deliver long term value to all stakeholders through its distribution network in 34 provinces, global reach and local expertise.