Bank Danamon Holds Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting

Jakarta, 1 October 2019. PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Company”) held its Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (”EGMS”) today and approved changes to the Board of Commissioners, the Board of Directors, and in the Company’s Articles of Association.

The EGMS approved the appointment of Mr. Noriaki Goto and Mr. Nobuya Kawasaki as the Company’s Commissioners. Mr. Goto is currently the Regional Executive for Asia & Senior Managing Executive Officer of MUFG Bank, Ltd, while Mr. Kawasaki is currently the Managing Director, Deputy Head of Global Commercial Banking Planning Division of MUFG Bank, Ltd. Both have extensive global banking experience.

The EGMS also approved the appointment of Mr. Yasushi Itagaki as the Company’s President Director. He is currently the Director of Global Alliance Strategy. Mr. Itagaki is a seasoned banker with more than three decades of experience in corporate, commercial and investment banking.

The appointment of Mr. Itagaki as a member of the Board of Directors will further strengthen Bank Danamon’s leadership through his expertise and international experience in the banking industry, particularly in the fields of Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking and Strategic Partnerships. 

The EGMS also accepted the retirement of Mr. Sng Seow Wah from his position as the President Director and resignation of Mr. Satinder Pal Singh Ahluwalia from his position as a Director.

Additionally, the EGMS approved the appointments of Mr. Honggo Widjojo Kangmasto as Vice President Director, Mr. Muljono Tjandra as Director, and Mr. Naoki Mizoguchi as Director.  

All of the above appointments are subject to fulfillment of regulatory requirements.    

Following the EGMS, the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors compositions will be as follows:

Board of Commissioners

  1. Takayoshi Futae as President Commissioner
  2. Prof. Dr. J.B. Kristiadi Pudjosukanto as Vice President Commissioner (Independent)
  3. Masamichi Yasuda as Commissioner
  4. Manggi Taruna Habir as Commissioner (Independent)
  5. Made Sukada as Commissioner (Independent)
  6. Peter Benyamin Stok as Commissioner (Independent)
  7. Noriaki Goto as Commissioner*
  8. Nobuya Kawasaki as Commissioner *

Board of Directors

  1. Yasushi Itagaki as President Director*
  2. Michellina Laksmi Triwardhany as Vice President Director
  3. Honggo Widjojo Kangmasto as Vice President Director*
  4. Herry Hykmanto as Director
  5. Adnan Qayum Khan as Director
  6. Rita Mirasari as Director
  7. Heriyanto Agung Putra as Director
  8. Dadi Budiana as Director
  9. Muljono Tjandra as Director* 
  10. Naoki Mizoguchi as Director*

* Effective immediately after all government regulations requirements are fulfilled. 

The composition of the Syariah Supervisory Council remains the same.

In addition to changes in the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors, the EGMS also approved changes in one of the articles in the Company’s Articles of Association and the restatement of all articles within the same document.