Danamon Launches D-Bismart Application

Jakarta, 3 July 2019. PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Bank Danamon) today launched D-BisMart, Indonesia’s first application designed to help businesses and Financial Supply Chain (FSC) community in managing their purchasing activities. This application will enable its users to set payment settlement period, acquire transaction report, and ensure optimal cash flow for the business. The launching landmarked Bank Danamon position as digital banking services provider, especially for the financial supply chain businesses in Indonesia.

“D-BisMart is a digital solution that will help businesses in establishing a more efficient and productive supply chain management. With its digital platform, the corporate, commercial, and small medium businesses will enjoy an easier transaction with their buyer or retailer. D-BisMart showcasing Danamon’s effort in providing solutions for its customer, particularly those who need to develop supply chain aspect in their business. We committed to continuously innovate and increase our digital service capacity whilst promoting cashless and financial inclusion program from government and enhancing growth of the Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking and SME Banking in Indonesia,” said Chief Information Officer Bank Danamon, Mary B. James.

D-BisMart application designed to support the transaction between seller (anchor) and buyer (retailer) community without having to meet face-to-face. All the needs for item purchase, payment, and item order confirmation can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere. This application has many prime features. With user-friendly interface, user can manage item purchase from favorite menu to payment process with two easy method, direct payment or maturity. Currently, all transaction in D-BisMart is using Bank Danamon’s account.

Through D-BisMart, anchor community can promote new product in a faster and more efficient way and monitor items purchase and payment. On the other hand, for retailers, D-BisMart helps in providing information like availability of products and conduct item purchase through online and payment purchase without using cash.

This application is available for smartphone with minimum specification of Android 4.4 and iOS 8.