Deadline for Use of Checks or Giro Bilyet 2018

In compliance with Bank Indonesia regulation number 18/41/PBI/2016, dated 22 November 2016 on Bilyet Giro (Demand Deposit), and Circular Letter of Bank Indonesia Number 18/32/DPSP, dated 29 November 2016 on Bilyet Giro (Demand Deposit), there is a necessity to adjust the design for Cek (Cheque) and Bilyet Giro (Demand Deposit).

Please be advised of the following about Cek (Cheque): 

1. Cek (cheque) is an unconditional warrant from the customer to the depositary Bank to pay a certain amount at the time it is displayed. 

2. The deadline for the appointment of Cek (cheque) letter is 70 calendar days from the withdrawal date.

3. Expiration period of the Cek (cheque) is 6 months after the end of the appointment period.

The new design adjustments will further increase security for users of Cek (cheque)/ Bilyet Giro (Demand Deposit), for there will be additional security features  in accordance with the regulations of Bank Indonesia.

There is also a color change for the Cek (cheque) from green to orange, while for the Bilyet Giro (Demand Deposit) from yellow to green.

The previous Bilyet Giro design (yellow color with clauses on the back of the the letter) can still be used by customer and accepted by the Bank until 31 December 2018

As of 1 November 2017, the Bank will have already issued the new Cek (Cheque)/ Bilyet Giro (Demand Deposit) to the customers.

The previous Cek (Cheque) design (in green color) can still be used and accepted by the Bank no later than 31 December 2018

The clause stamp can be done at the Counter Teller when transacting, or at the nearest branch.


As of 1 Januari 2019:

1. All customers are required to use the new Cek (Cheque)/ Bilyet Giro (Demand Deposit) design.

2. The Cek (cheque) (of previous design) and Bilyet Giro (Demand Deposit) (of previous design with additional clause stamps) become invalid.

Please be advised, that there are new provisions regarding Bilyet Giro (“BG”) and changes to other provisions, which are as follows:

 •  PBI No 18/41/PBI/2016, dated 21st of November 2016 on Bilyet Giro

 •  SEBI No 18/32/DPSP, dated 29th of November 2016 concerning: Bilyet Giro

 •  SEBI No 18/40/DPSP on Funds Transfer and Scheduled Clearing Held by BI

 •  PBI No 18/43/PBI/2016 and SEBI No 18/39/DPSP on National Blacklist

Based on those provisions above, please be advised on the following:

1. Term

a. The drawer is the owner of the current account (Customer) who issues BG.

b. The Recipient is the account holder whose name is stated in the BG to receive funds.

c. The Drawee Bank is the Bank that is ordered by the drawer to carry out book-entry of funds using BG.

d. The Recipient Bank is the Bank that manages the Recipient’s account.

e. Withdrawal date is the date stated in BG as well as the date of the BG issue.

f. Effective date is the date stated in BG and the commencement date of the book-entry order.

g. The Grace Period of Appointment is the validity period of BG.

h. Effective Grace Period is the time provided by the drawer to the Recipient to request the execution of orders in BG to the drawee Bank.

2. BG are:

a. Book transfer orders for a number of funds from the drawer’s account to the Recipient’s account whose name is listed in BG.

b. Non transferable; and

c. Issued in Rupiah.

d. Written in Bahasa Indonesia.

3. The validity period of BG is 70 (seventy) days from the date of withdrawal, at which time:

a. The drawer cannot cancel BG, and

b. The drawer must provide sufficient funds to avoid sanctions as an empty BG Withdrawal, which can cause the customer’s name to be blacklisted by Bank Indonesia

4. The maximum nominal value of each Cek (Cheque) and/ or the amount that can be cleared through SKNBI is IDR 500,000,000,00 (five hundred millions rupiah).

5. BG must include the clear name of the BG drawer, with the following provisions:

a. The clear name of the drawer must be included in BG if the Bank has not personalized it yet. If the drawer is a legal and/ or a business entity and has not been personalized, then the clear name of the drawer will be of the legal and/or business entity that owns current account.

b. The clear name of the drawer is not required to be included in the case if the personalization has been carried out by the Bank.

6. The signature of the drawer is not required to be a wet signature.

7. The maximum correction for writing errors in BG is at most 3 (three) times, in accordance with the regulations of BI.

8. The party that appoints the BG is the Recipient or the party obtaining authority from the Recipient.

9. The drawee Bank that rejects the Cek (Cheque) and/ or BG due to forgery or manipulations, is obliged to hold and delay the payment of Cek (Cheque) and/ or BG no later than the next 1 working day for verification process.

10. The new provisions mentioned above came into effect on 1 April 2017.

11. At the time this provision comes into effect:

a. BG, issued before 1 April 2017, is still recognized as BG and is subject to provisions in the letter of Bank Indonesia board of director dated 4 July 1995 regarding Bilyet Giro and terms of implementation, and can still be paid until the expiry date of BG.

b. BG, which has been printed in accordance with current regulations, can still be used up to 31 December 2018

c. BG issued since 1 April 2017 and thereafter refers to the new provisions as mentioned above.

d. Bank Danamon has issued Cek (Cheque) and BG in the format that is in accordance with the new provisions from BI dated 1 November 2017.

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