Tabungan FlexiMAX

  • Free monthly admin fee. Valid for customers with a minimum average saving balance of IDR50 million on the current month.
  • Free RTGS transfer fee 10x/month, SKN 30x/month, and unlimited for bank clearing.
  • Free overseas ATM cash withdrawal (Cirrus/Maestro).
  • Compelling interest rates.

Enjoy tiered interest rates based on your balance placement.

Daily Balance Tiers

New Interest Rate

50 Mio


>Rp50 Mio - Rp500 Mio


>Rp500 Mio - Rp1 Bio


>Rp1 Bio - Rp2.5 Bio


>Rp2.5 Bio - Rp5 Bio


>Rp5 Bio - Rp10 Bio


≥ Rp10 Bio


 Interest rates may vary at any time due to bank policy. 

  • Priority access in bank branches for customers with Danamon Privilege or Ultimate Debit/ATM Card.
  • Free access to executive airport lounge by using Danamon Privilege or Ultimate Debit/ATM Card.
  • Free daily bank report via fax (Hello Danamon-IVR).
  • Business Card with special features for selected customers.
  • The latest financial transaction features.

More info click here or contact Hello Danamon 1-500-090

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