Important Information Regarding Your Account at Bank Danamon


Dear Valued Customer, 

Welcome to Bank Danamon and thank you for your trust and continued support. 

With Bank Danamon, you can enjoy Bank Danamon’s network distribution, products and services, including national network of 464 branches, 1,400 ATMs and access to 60,000 ATMs through the ATM Bersama, PRIMA, and ALTO networks, complemented with internet, mobile, and SMS banking services.    

Our commitment is to ensure that you receive the best and secure banking services in Bank Danamon. To ensure this, we would like to remind you of the following information/ actions that you need to do :  

1. Account Number

Effective after the completion of the operational merger with Bank Danamon,  youraccount in Bank BNP has automatically became a Bank Danamon’s account. Your compete account number for checking and savings account has changed as follow :
Example: original account number ‘88833100100’, will automatically become ‘088833100100’. 

However, you do not need to add prefix of ‘0’ in front of your account number for any E-channel transactions (transaction conducted through ATM, internet banking, and mobile banking).

2. Checks and/or Demand Deposits

You can still use Bank BNP’s check and/or demand deposit until 28 November 2019 (last day for clearing and transfer). We do suggest that you request for new Bank Danamon checks and demand deposits which can be done in all Bank Danamon branches (including ex-Bank BNP branches). 

3. Passbook

Ex-Bank BNP passbook is no longer valid. You need to replace your ex-Bank BNP’s passbook to Bank Danamon’s passbook, which can be done in all Bank Danamon branches (including ex-Bank BNP branches). You can also choose to receive e-statements where your account statement is sent through email, which is more convenient than through a passbook.

4. Debit/ATM Card

You need to replace your Bank BNP debit/ATM card to Bank Danamon debit/ATM card, which can be done in all Bank Danamon branches (including ex-Bank BNP branches). You can still use your Bank BNP Debit/ATM cards, either Visa or GPN, as long as it has not expired, for domestic transactions until 28 February 2020.   

5. Internet Banking

Eks Bank BNP internet banking is no longer valid. To use our internet banking service, you need to register for Bank Danamon’s internet banking service, which can be done in all Bank Danamon branches (including ex-Bank BNP branches). Bank Danamon’s internet banking uses a soft token, so you only need a smartphone to perform your banking transactions through our internet services. You will also have access to  variety of Bank Danamon’s digital banking services, including internet banking, mobile banking and SMS banking, after the registration. 

Please disregard the abovementioned information, if you have completed the actions listed above.

Our priority is to ensure the security of your accounts and your convenience during banking transactions. As such, we encourage you to visit the nearest Bank Danamon branch (including ex-Bank BNP branches) to update your data and complete the abovementioned actions, if you have not done so.    

Should you have any question or need further information, please contact Hello Danamon at 1-500-090 or visit your nearest Bank Danamon branches.

We believe that the completion of this operational merger and investment by MUFG will add value to our customers and franchise, and allow us to continue to grow as one of the leading financial service institution in Indonesia. We will be able to leverage on MUFG’s strengths, expertise and network to facilitate Bank Danamon’s growth and delivery of long term value to all stakeholders.  

We look forward to serving you, your business and your family in the future.       


Yours faithfully,

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk




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