Danamon, Adira Finance and MUFG Collaborate Once Again to Offer Financial Solutions at 2024 IIMS

Jakarta, 6 February 2024 – PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Danamon”) with PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance, Tbk (“Adira Finance”) and with the support from MUFG Bank Ltd. (MUFG), is proud to be once again part of the 2024 IIMS. This is an important step to strengthen Indonesia’s automotive industry. During the exhibition, which is set to take place from 15 to 25 February 2024 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Danamon, along with Adira Finance and with the support from MUFG, is due to participate in the annual event as the official bank partner and the official multifinance partner, as well as the official trade-in partner (Momobil & Momotor) at IIMS 2024, which offers various attractive promotions and programs. The news was announced by the Group during a press conference with Dyandra Promosindo in Jakarta, Tuesday (February 6).

Danamon, along with Adira Finance and with the Support from MUFG, Reinforces Commitment to Supporting Resilient and Sustainable Automotive Industry Ecosystem

In the global condition replete with uncertainty, ranging from geopolitical conflicts to economic uncertainty, Indonesia continues to be on the lookout for opportunities to keep the momentum of her economic growth. One sector that shows resilience and significant growth potential is the automotive industry. Amid the growing public interest in electric vehicles, this sector is even projected to become one of the sectors that can bring the country’s economy to the next level. To that end, Danamon, along with Adira Finance and with the support from MUFG, once again support the IIMS 2024 as an important step in strengthening Indonesia’s automotive industry. This is the third year for the Group to participate in the IIMS, with the support expected to be offered until 2026.

As a Group, MUFG, Danamon and Adira Finance are confident that the synergy between the three is key to the Group's ability to provide strong support for all parts of the financial supply chain of Indonesia’s automotive industry from the upstream part to the downstream part. In the upstream part, MUFG, as one of the largest financial groups in the world, can offer a global network and rich experience to multinational clients such as vehicle manufacturers and companies manufacturing steel, plastic and other materials used to produce vehicles. In the middle part, there is Danamon, which provides comprehensive financial solutions to automotive distributors, retailers, dealers, and corporate buyers; entrepreneurs in the after-market, spare parts, and accessories segment; and along with Adira Finance that provides financing solutions for end consumers. In the downstream part, there is Adira Finance as a subsidiary of Danamon that provides financing for cars and motorcycles, as well as multi-purpose credit for end consumers.

“MUFG, along with Danamon and Adira Finance, are pleased to participate once again in the 2024 Indonesia International Motor Show – an initiative that we are proud to support for the third year in a row. Although our operational focus is on the banking and finance sector, we are closely involved in every stage of Indonesia’s automotive industry supply chain from the upstream part to the downstream part (end-to-end). We strongly believe that IIMS is a significant steppingstone towards a brighter future for Indonesia’s automotive industry," said Executive Officer and Country Head of Indonesia of MUFG Bank Ltd. Kazushige Nakajima.

As one of the leading foreign banks in Indonesia, MUFG has managed to earn a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in Indonesia’s automotive sector. MUFG will remain steadfast in its commitment to bringing a positive impact on economic growth and contributing to Indonesia's long-term development plans. 

Furthermore, the collaboration between Danamon, Adira Finance and MUFG at the 2024 IIMS also demonstrates the strong synergy between leading financial institutions and Indonesia’s automotive industry. Vice President Director of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, Hafid Hadeli added: "We want to prove that our support at IIMS is comprehensive, not only in terms of vehicle financing. We also aim to educate the people to be able to well manage their finances and we also want to be a complete financial solution provider, or one-stop financial solution provider, for all customers and the community. This is because we have a commitment to be present in our customers' lives at every step and every stage of their life. Hence, I hope people will not miss this extraordinary opportunity to come and have fun with family, friends and loved ones." 

This year, for the first time momobil.id and momotor.id, which are Adira Finance's digital services, become the 2024 IIMS official trade-in partners. Momobil.id and momotor.id offer the best trade-in solutions, enabling #MenangBanyak customers to enjoy three main advantages of transparent inspections, special prices, and maximum price offers within 1 hour.

"We are ready to support the 2024 IIMS by providing various financial solutions that customers need as a token of the Group’s contribution in supporting the growth of Indonesia’s automotive ecosystem. We are also upbeat that the 2024 IIMS can be more successful than the 2023 edition. To that end, we have set the growth target of Adira Finance's financing transactions at IIMS 2024 of 30-40% compared to the previous year's edition. Please visit the Adira Finance booth at IIMS to get a choice of quality vehicles with unlimited benefits," added President Director of PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance, Tbk Dewa Made Susila.

Supported by MUFG as one of the world’s largest financial institutions, Danamon and Adira Finance have access to global resources that enable the two companies to provide broader support for all parts of the Indonesian automotive industry ecosystem. 

Attractive Promos and Programs During the Exhibition

As an official bank partner, official multi-finance partner, and official trade-in partner, the collaboration between Danamon, Adira Finance, and MUFG at the 2024 IIMS is part of a long-term commitment to supporting the growth of Indonesia's automotive industry. At the 2024 IIMS, Danamon, Adira Finance and MUFG not only participate as financial service providers, but also offer various initiatives that support the needs of consumers and automotive entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

On top of that, realizing that IIMS visitors come from various backgrounds and needs, Danamon, Adira Finance, and MUFG also present a series of attractive programs and promotion, starting from financing offers with special interest for KPM Prima with Adira Finance, special offers from Danamon Optimal - which is a bundling product with KPM Prima -, and the opportunity to get a 100% discount for purchasing tickets, shopping for vehicle accessories, and getting cashback for transactions using QRIS D-Bank PRO, to educational entertainment with KidZania for children visitors, as well as a talk show entitled Financial Studio, which will discuss automotive and provide financial tips.

Meanwhile, Adira Finance has also prepared various offers for visitors who are looking for vehicles by offering low interest starting from under 2% per year. This free-provision-fee offer is a collaboration with Danamon. Adira Finance also offers cashback and the opportunity to take part in the "Umrah Untuk Sahabat Program" in financing new car loans, as well as electronic balance cashback and adirapoin for car or motorbike trade-in programs. There is also the Adira Community Gathering, which involves the automotive community and presents trusted sources.

Going forward, Danamon, Adira Finance and MUFG will remain committed to supporting innovation and sustainable growth of Indonesia’s automotive industry through a host of solutions for all financial needs from the upstream part to the downstream part. For more information about programs and promos at the 2024 IIMS, please visit bdi.co.id/iimsdanamon.



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