Danamon Partners with Abacus POS Indonesia

Optimizing non-cash payment transactions to meet community needs amid the pandemic.

Jakarta, April 14 2021. PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Danamon”) this day formalized its partnership with Point-of-Sale (POS) service provider Abacus POS Indonesia (Abacus) for the use of Danamon QR (Quick Response) in its cloud-based application payment systems benefitting partner merchants.

The newfound partnership paves the way for the implementation of Danamon's QR code payment system into the Abacus POS, a cloud-based digital cashier application. This allows customers to make payments easily, safely and conveniently at every Abacus partner merchant, including restaurants, cafes and retail stores.

“We are very pleased to partner with one of Indonesia’s leading POS service providers to improve the quality of digital payment services for customers. By providing payment ease, transactions will become more efficient, safe and convenient, especially during this ongoing pandemic. This partnership is also clear evidence of Danamon's commitment to health protocols for the safety and well-being of customers, and promotion of the National Non-Cash Movement advocated by Bank Indonesia," said Danamon's Chief Digital Officer Iskak Hendrawan.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not completely over. Although the COVID-19 vaccination program has gained momentum, the general public is still encouraged to constantly practice discipline in observing health protocols, particularly giving importance to maintaining social distance and minimizing physical contact in day-to-day activities, including the conduct of cash or cashless transactions.

As one of the leading POS service providers in Indonesia, Abacus allows its partners to digitally manage payments in real time through a secure and efficient cloud-based cashier system. This partnership allows Abacus partners located throughout the entire archipelago to optimize cashless transactions that meet the needs of the community in the midst of a pandemic. To facilitate payment methods for customers, the Danamon QR code will be displayed on the Abacus POS application which registers approximately 155,000 monthly transactions and aims for a growth target of up to 15,000 merchant partners in the next few years.

"This partnership manifests our support for businesses’ smooth operational flow, among which is the implementation of cashless transactions to help prevent mistakes or fraud in the payment process that often occurs, either intentionally or unintentionally," said Abacus POS Indonesia operations Director Gary Quincyanus.
Through this partnership, Danamon also assists and supports Abacus partner-merchants realize business growth, especially after enduring the pandemic’s challenges in the previous year.