Primadolar Savings Account

It's time for you to take control, magnify your foreign currency deposit, and enjoy the benefits of banking with Bank Danamon with Primadolar Savings Account.

Benefit of Primadolar

Primadolar Savings Account is here to facilitate you with:

  1. Various choice of currencies

Primadolar Savings Account is available in 8 currencies: USD, AUD, SGD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CNY, and NZD.

  1. Ease of doing cash deposit & withdrawal

Bank Danamon provides services for doing USD cash deposit & withdrawal in any Bank Danamon Branches. Bank Danamon also provide services for AUD and SGD at designated Bank Danamon branches.

  1. Auto-transfer facility

With your instruction, Bank Danamon will arrange an auto-transfer facility to satisfy your needs to transfer to other Bank Danamon's accounts of other accounts outside Bank Danamon.

  1. Debit Card / ATM with wide network

Your account can equip with Danamon Debit/ATM Card that can be used for cash withdrawal at Danamon ATM, ATM Bersama/Prima/ALTO network in Indonesia, and Cirrus/Maestro ATM worldwide .

Fee and Interest Rate of Primadolar

Primadolar Savings Account also offers:

  1. Competitive transfers / remittance fee at a flat remittance fee :
  1. USD 8 for transfers / remittance in USD.
  2. USD 5 / equivalent for transfers / remittance in other currencies (excl. USD).
  1. Competitive interest rate* calculated based on daily savings balance:
    Effective February 1st 2022

    Tiering Saldo (USD)

    Primadolar Savings Account USD

    Interest Rate* (p.a)



    < 1.000



    ≥ 1.000 - < 10.000



    ≥ 10.000 - < 50.000



    ≥ 50.000 - < 100.000



    ≥ 100.000 - < 500.000






    interest rate :

    * Interest rates can change at any time according to bank policies, and will be informed through branches, websites or other media deemed appropriate by the Bank

  1. Free monthly administration fee.
  2. Free debit card administration fee.
  3. Free below minimum balance penalty fee (excl. Primadolar USD at USD 2).
  4. Closing fee at:

USD 5/ SGD 10/ AUD 10/ JPY 500/ EUR 10/ GBP 10/ CNY 25/ NZD 10

  1. Free e-statement fee

Primadolar Savings Account Opening Requirement

  1. Minimum age of 18 years old.
  2. First deposit for Primadolar USD at USD 100 with no first deposit required for any other currencies.
  3. Copy of KTP and KITAS/KITAP.
  4. Copy of Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP) or fill a Statement Letter.
  5. Corporate customers are required to provide supporting document for corporate validation.

More Information

Information regarding product features and fees, please refer to Product Summary and Terms and Conditions for Primadolar Savings Account click here