Tabungan Primadolar

Its time for you to take control and magnify your foreign currency deposit with Tabungan Primadolar. Enjoy Tabungan Primadolar privilege as follows:

Reasonable Transaction Fees

  1. Flat transfer fee to all over the world:
    1. Tabungan Primadolar USD (USD8)
    2. Other Tabungan Primadolar foreign currency (USD5)
  2. Free bank notes deposit fee, exceptions for bank notes under following conditions:
    1. Bank notes with the nominal of USD1, USD2, USD5, USD10, USD20; bank notes USD50 WITHOUT big head image, or those issued before 1996; USD100 issued before blue L series.
    2. There are staple tears, folds and/or crumpled.
    3. There are stamps, autographs, scribbles and/or ink stains.
    4. For further information about bank notes, click here.
  3. Free bank notes withdrawal commission up to USD5,000/day/account (only available for Tabungan Primadolar USD).
  4. Various foreign currency selections:
    1. You may also choose various other foreign currencies: AUD, SGD, EUR, JPY, CNY, GBP and NZD.
    2. Cash withdrawal and deposit for foreign currencies are available for USD (AUD and SGD only available at certain branches).
    3. Cash withdrawal and deposits for EUR, JPY, GBP, CNY, & NZD are not available.

Reasonable Remittance Fee and Quick Sending Time

You can transfer your foreign currency worldwide through the wide network of Danamon’s correspondent banks with transfer fee starting for USD5; transfer in USD starts from is USD8. Your funds can quickly reach designed destination arround the world.

Saving with Daily Interest

Interest calculation is based on daily ballance, so your savings will continue to grow safely

Competitive Currency Exchange Rates

Competitive foreign exchanges selling rates so you will get a favorable exchange rate.

Debit Card/ATM for All Your Needs with Wide Network Access

You will receive Danamon’s Debit/ATM card which can be use for cash withdrawal at Danamon ATM and ATM Bersama/ALTO network in all over Indonesia, and Cirrus/Maestro ATM all over the world. The cash withdrawal limit follows the prevailing buying rate and equivalent value in the following rupiah curency:

  1. Cash withdrawal limit is up to IDR10,000,000/day.
  2. Free cash withdrawal fee :
    • In all ATM Bersama/ALTO network if the minimum balance preceding withdrawal is IDR8,000,000 at maximum of 100 transactions per month.
    • Free of check balance information charge at ATM Bersama/ALTO network if the minimum balance before the transaction is Rp 5,000,000 at maximum of 50 transactions per month.
    • In addition to ATM cash withdrawal, the Danamon Debit/ATM card can also be use as a debit card for payment transaction in all merchants with MasterCard/Maestro logo. Transactions secured by PINverification (maximum for Rp25,000,000/day)

* Bank Danamon general Terms & Conditions applied.

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