Danamon Encourages Customers to be Aware of e-SIM Swap

Jakarta, 4 April 2024 – In facing rapidly advancing digital era, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) consistently advises its customers to exercise vigilance and refrain from creating opportunities for cybercrime, specifically those using the e-SIM Swap method. Danamon emphasizes the significance of protecting personal and financial information to prevent financial loss and unauthorized use of data. 

As technology advances, various forms of cybercrime are also becoming more sophisticated and diverse. One of the newest methods is social engineering fraud by injecting data from the customer’s physical SIM card into their digital SIM card, known as e-SIM Swap.

The illicit activity known as e-SIM Swap is frequently executed via deceptive techniques. Phishing, the most common type of social engineering fraud, exploits the victim's confidence using fake electronic mail, text messages, telephone calls, or pop-up advertisements or subscriptions offering ridiculous discounts. Scammers also utilize text messages, texts, or emails that pretend to be official correspondence from reputable organizations to deceive victims to give up their data. Then, among other things, this confidential information is used by fraudsters to hack into the victim's bank account. 

In the case of e-SIM Swap, the fraudster exploits the victim's digital identity obtained using the phishing technique. This enables them to conduct financial transactions and access other services that require the victim's mobile phone number. 

Bank Indonesia has identified e-SIM swaps as a fraudulent method that demands immediate attention. By impersonating the victim, the perpetrator manipulates the replacement process of physical SIM card with an e-SIM to gain unauthorized access to data and conduct financial transactions. This behavior results in the physical SIM card becoming non-operational and potentional material loss and personal information leak. 

As one Indonesia’s banking institutions, Danamon, confirms that e-SIM Swap offenses can result in substantial financial losses, unauthorized disclosure of personal data, and denied access to banking and communication services. Frequently, the victims remain unaware that they have been hacked, until they experience financial loss or notice anomalies in their communication services. 

Chief Digital Officer of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, Andreas Kurniawan, stated that in order to combat cybercrimes, Danamon continues to strive to educate its consumers, among others through the #JanganKasihCelah campaign. This initiative is consistent with Bank Indonesia's ongoing endeavors to mitigate the proliferation of frauds. "We invite customers to always be careful when sharing their personal data and recognize signs of suspicious activity involving fraud and misuse of personal data, which can cause financial losses," according to Andreas. 

In addition, he urged customers to take prompt action if they notice any issue with their mobile phone SIM card reception, including loss of connectivity or notifications of unknown transactions. Steps that can be taken include blocking social media accounts, contacting their respective cellular operator, as well as the Hello Danamon call center at 1-500-090 for further action.

Additionally, customers are also encouraged to not share their banking or personal information via unofficial or unverified channels. Customers may access additional details about the #JanganKasihCelah campaign by visiting bdi.co.id/jangankasihcelah

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