Danamon Partners with HokBen to Present a Double Meal Package Promo for Only IDR 67,000

JAKARTA, WEDNESDAY, 12 JULY 2023 - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (“Danamon”) invites customers to celebrate their 67th birthday on 16 July 2023 by having a meal with family and loved ones. This year, Danamon is collaborating with Indonesian families’ favorite Japanese-style restaurant, HokBen. This collaboration is the perfect moment to relive good memories with loved ones at HokBen.

A survey conducted by Danamon in collaboration with Jakpat on more than 1,000 people proved this to be true. This Japanese-style restaurant is known as a place for warm memories with friends, family and friends.

This is why Danamon chose HokBen as its main partner for this year's Big Bang Promo. HokBen has always been a part of people’s childhood with their parents, of their youth with friends and best friends, and of our adulthood with our beloved partner and little ones. Much like Danamon, who is always there to be there for its customers in every step and stage of their lives, from childhood to adulthood and from the time you’re just starting to when you’ve succeeded.

This two-meal package promo for only IDR 67,000 is one way to show that Danamon is committed to listening and respecting customer opinions. Danamon always strives to provide the right financial solutions for its customers’ dynamic needs as they grow and advance in life and career or business. This commitment is in line with the main theme of Danamon's 67th Anniversary, "TUMBUH BERSAMA", which is based on Danamon's vision to care and enable million to prosper.

“We understand that sentimental moments with family and loved ones are very important for Indonesian people. That is why Danamon cooperates with various favorite merchants such as Hokben, which over the years has played a significant role as part of many people’s childhoods and memories of growing up throughout Indonesia. This reflects Danamon's aspiration to always be present at every step and stage of a customer's life as your Bank of Choice,” said Hafid Hadeli as Deputy Main Director, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.


For a full day on Danamon's birthday, customers can enjoy a meal plan for two for only IDR 67,000 with family or loved ones. This package can be enjoyed using Danamon Debit Card, Credit and Charge Card, as well as QRIS D-Bank PRO. In the Rp67,000 promo package (after tax) there are two menu options. The first is 1 (one) Package A + 1 (one) Package D + 2 drinks. The second is 1 (one) Package B + 1 (one) Package C + 2 drinks. This special package is only valid for one day on Sunday, 16 July 2023.

This promo applies to all HokBen outlets throughout Indonesia. Click here to find the nearest HokBen outlet. This two-meal package promo can be used for dine-in and take-away including drive thru. For more information regarding HokBen promos, click here.

To find out other Danamon’s anniversary promos and to register as a Danamon customer, visit bdi.co.id/hut67.





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