Giro Mitra Pasti

Your Understanding Business Partner

Satisfy your business need with banking product and service features from PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk that you need. Enjoy the offers that are really designed for your business need.

Enjoy the best features for your business with a quick administration process.

  • Interesting EDC fee;
  • Free transfer on clearing, RTGS and chequebook*;
  • Free penalty and administration*;
  • Free mobile EDC monthly rent*;
  • Interesting currency rates;
  • Deposit and withdrawal on every Danamon branches;
  • Free cash pick-up/cash delivery service*;
  • Online access transaction with Cash@Work and Danamon Online Banking.

Get yourself registered at Danamon Community Banking branches. For further information, please call your RM/PBO. For Mitra Pasti Products, currently only being offered in Danamon’s particular branches.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. DANAMON MITRA PASTI is a premium product from PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Bank Danamon) which based on Giro in accordance to Community Banking concept that the offered package is adjusted to what the Customer needs in controlling the business.
  2. The Customer of DANAMON MITRA PASTI can enjoy features offered by the DANAMON MITRA PASTI package by fulfilling these following conditions:
    • Sustaining minimum average balance commitment in 1 month according to the chosen package criteria**;.
    • Performing minimum 4 times financial transactions for 1 month, not including non-financial transaction such as balance checking.
  3. According to the feature choices, the Customer may enjoy cash back in the form of free foreign currency transfer fee, free transaction of a clearing, RTGS, chequebook, value exchange gift, MDR, free cash pick-up/cash delivery, free mobile EDC rent**.
  4. Cashback can be obtained with these following conditions:
    • Cashback is given only to the Customer who has fulfilled the minimum average balance commitment and financial transaction performance by the end of the month.
    • Average balance that is counted for the first month of Mitra Pasti participation is based on joining date on Giro Mitra Pasti account opening until the end of the current month.
    • The limit benefit that is given in the first month of Mitra Pasti participation is based on joining date on Giro Mitra Pasti account opening until the end of the current month (prorate).
    • Cashback is given according to the Customer’s chosen package.
  5. Especially for MDR package, escrow account payment merchant transaction must use Giro Mitra Pasti account.
  6. The Customer that opens DANAMON MITRA PASTI will get Danamon Debit Card. Danamon Debit Card Ownership will follow the conditions applied in Bank Danamon which can be seen from communication media that are available on Bank Danamon.
  7. This General Terms and Conditions is an inseparable unity from “General Terms and Conditions of Account and Banking Facility/Service of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk”.
  8. The Customer agrees and is willing to obey the Terms and Conditions and the rules applied.
  9. If the Customer changes the package before the end of the current month, then the new package will be effective on the next month. Average balance commitment and a minimum transaction will still be counted according to the old package on the end of the package participation.
  10. Especially for the Customer that decides to sign out from Giro Mitra Pasti Package participation before the end of the current month, then the benefits of Giro Mitra Pasti package in the last month of participation will not be given.
  11. This Terms and Conditions is adjusted to the rules applied, including the rules of Financial Service Authority/Regulator.


*) Free fee follows the applied conditions.

**) Criterion can be seen in the product package bundle that will be given at the time the Customer complete his/her registration.


Starting September 15, 2023, all dormant accounts with conventional current account products will be subject to a penalty fee as follows:

Mata Uang Rekening Giro

Biaya Rekening Dormant











CNY 25









IDR 100,000



JPY 500



SGD 10