Debit Card - Danamon Privilege ATM

By being Danamon Privilege Customer, you will have a chance to get Danamon Privilege Debit Card that gives you the flexibility to transact whenever and wherever you are.
Features of Danamon Privilege Debit/ATM Card 

  • Card Number, 16-digit secret number. Please refer to your card number for payment or correspondence with the Bank.
  • Name, name printed on the card is the name of the Customer who has the right to use the Danamon Privilege Debit/ATM Card.
  • Expiration Date, date refers to the validity period of Danamon Privilege Debit/ATM Card. The card will be automatically renewed when the validity period is over unless a cancellation request is applied or your account is closed by the Bank.
  • MasterCard Logo, Danamon Privilege Debit/ATM Card is accepted as payment tool on merchant with MasterCard logo all around the world.
  • Chip, a protection of your data or information as a method to prevent falsification.
  • Sign Panel, for security reason, please attach your sign on the available panel. The sign must be identical to your identity card.
  • Magnetic Strip, please store your debit card well to prevent damage to its magnetic strip.
  • Website Address, official website of Bank Danamon which gives you information about the products of Bank Danamon.

ATM Networking Logos

Your Danamon Privilege Debit/ATM Card is accepted at all ATM Bersama, ALTO, PRIMA networking in Indonesia, and Maestro and Cirrus network all over the world